Sunshine and snow Ski Day 2015

Martin TekelaWR
Martin Tekela enjoys a run—and the view. Photo by Hazel de Burgh

By Don Lewtas, Ski Day Chair (from Provinz April 2015 page 20)

It was a spectacularly sunny but cold day as close to fifty UCR members and guests descended upon (and at) Osler Ski Club for Ski Day.

Anne and David Forbes arrived early to greet participants and provide instructions for the day.

Pre skiWR

The consistent cold weather in February, recent snowfalls and the immaculate grooming on the mountain provided superb skiing conditions. The day started with a group photo at the bottom of the hill. Thank you to Hazel de Burgh and Eshel Zweig who captured our group in action both on and off the ski trails.

Our group covered all the runs on the mountain but Gulch, with its many S-turns through the forest, again proved to be the most popular run.

UCR ski day 2015 26038WR
L to R, Phil Downe, Anne Forbes and Martin Tekela (Photo by Eshel Zweig)

Phil DowneWR
Phil Downe shows fine form. (Photos by Hazel deBurgh)




After a full day on the slopes our group retired to a warm fire and a spread of wine, cheese and other delights back at our log cabin.


UCR ski day 2015 25891WR
A fierce participant! (Photo by Eshel Zweig)

UCR ski day 2015 25842WR
Ski Day Fun! (Photo by Hazel de Burgh)










Twins! John Van Atter and Don LewtasWR
Twins! John Van Atter and Don Lewtas

Ski Day Fun! (Photo by Hazel de Burgh)

Thanks to Anne and David Forbes for helping me with the promotion and arrangements for the day and to my wife Barbara for getting all the aprésski food and beverages prepared.

Apres SkiWRAs the sun set over the glistening snow we chatted about our Porsches and the wonderful day of skiing on the mountain.

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