Take a Cayenne on a Fun Run or an Auto Cross? WHY NOT?!!

Cayenne at Sunset by Eleanor Gurd

Story and photos by Eleanor Gurd, UCR Member (from Provinz March 2016 page 30

Over the years I have owned over 60 vehicles and no, my age is not 102. Of those vehicles, 8 were Porsches: 3 Boxsters, 3 911’s (996 Cab, 997 Coupe and C4S Cab) and 2 Cayennes. Cars and fun roads are my passion. Being around people with similar interests adds a lot more fun.

Cayenne at the Kissing Bridge by Eleanor GurdIn 2014, I signed up for all of UCR’s autocross events because it is a fun, performance driving event, involving the navigation of your car through a defined course of pylons. It is a great way to drive your vehicle competitive­ly in a safe area while being timed. Being an ex ski racer I love using my mind to remember the course while trying to improve my driving smoothness and times. Needless to say, I enjoy a good slalom course – on a ski hill and in an autocross. A few days before one of the events, my C4S had to get repaired and would not be ready for the auto­cross. A part had to be ordered. At first I was thinking I would not be able to attend and then thought, wait, I can take the Cayenne! It’s a sports car on steroids. Well let me tell you, it was so much fun! It handled the course with sportiness and grace. I was only a second or so off my sister’s time in her Carrera, and she is no wimp.

Cayenne by Eleanor GurdIn 2015, my husband and I signed up for four Fun Runs because we enjoy being with fellow Porsche owners and love the new roads that the hosts of these events share with us. We sold our C4S just before our first Fun Run and asked if it would be ok to take our Cayenne on that event. “Absolutely it was ok”. On one of the runs they used me as a sweep which means I was the last vehicle in the line up so the lead driver could see when all the cars got through the lights and stop signs. Being in a vehicle higher than a sports car is a plus – in more ways than one. I can see over the cement bridge fences and view the beautiful streams and rivers. I can see scenery I did not know existed in my sports car and my husband enjoys taking photos more, in particular of all the sports cars in front of us! And the Cayenne handles just as well as my sports cars. With the added height and all wheel drive, I do not worry about surprises on the road.

Cayenne at Walters Wallow by Eleanor GurdOn the Spring Muskoka Fun Run, we were in the middle of the pack and had a ball in the twisties. Some of the other participants were amazed at how well the Cayenne handled – just like the sports cars. Just a tap to lower the air suspension and select sports mode, and the Cayenne is a Carerra on steroids.

I highly recommend that you get out this year with your Cayenne, Macan or Panamera and go on some Fun Runs and Autocross Events. You will have the time of your life with great people while enjoying your fantastic Porsche.

Porsche. There is no substitute. Enjoy and have fun!

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