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Tech Line Crew Chief 2012

By Scott Wilkens

Wow, where does 10 years go?

I inherited this job from Geoff and Frank in 2002. I have been your Tech Line Crew Chief since then. Many in the club have known only myself in this capacity with my son Sean helping out as well.

Back in 2002 it was a lot like it is now except there was a lot less documentation. A two piece paper Tech form and that was about it. Now we have 39 registered Tech Centres many of whom you helped put on the list. We lost a few along the way as owners passed away or just simply went away. During that time I was there to help run events. There are many others who are here still and who have worked even longer in many capacities over the years. John Adam, Andy Wright, Stephen Goodbody, Botho von Bose, and I certainly cannot remember all their names and for that I am sorry.

This leads me to a difficult decision to move onwards away from this role. It is time for fresh blood, new enthusiasm and new ideas. This was not a role for life and it is time to pass my extensive files and knowledge along to someone else. Special mention goes to Dave Osborne who keeps things fresh and Markus who was and always will be my technical resource.

ItĀ  has been a pleasant 10 years, great people, great events, excellent Tech Centres which I will all miss to some extent. To be part of the inner workings for track events is precious. It has been fun and I am leaving for no other reason than I feel my turn is up. I have taken it about as far as I can. New people will drive it to the next level.

For the memories I will always haveĀ  the frost, pouring rain and stifling heat. Michael who was on time maybe once but one heck of a nice guy. There was Richard always looking for a favor from me, the Lubinski’s who always helped no matter what their work assignment was. Doug who worked that torque wrench for so many years in the cold, rain and humidity without one complaint. Sheri always kept me on my toes. I remember one member coming through tech line fully loaded, towing a trailer with a car seat and baby on board and was ticked I wouldn’t tech him until he unloaded his car. Time makes the rest blur into some sort of pleasant fuzzy feeling which I can live with.

So, all who are interested need apply to me. I am looking for someone as dedicated as I am with a background in Safety and a good knowledge of cars. A thick skin and a willingness to smile and be concerned is a plus. I will always be available to ask a question anytime.
It is always about the safety and reliability of our vehicles that is most important. People and their cars want to go home the same way they came. This is not always possible but it is always the goal.

Thank You for all the memories.
See you at the track
Scott #95

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  1. Scott, that’s hard to believe! You have been there every morning of every day since i started DE six years ago. It just won’t be the same without saying good morning and having that short but always enjoyable chat in tech line before starting a DE session. We’re all going to miss you and thank you for being there, every day, earlier than most, protecting us from ourselves and keeping us safe for all those years. Cheers,

    2012-08-27 08:46

  2. You have been the Tech Meister longer than before my time at the track. The decade of dedication from you and Sean is most appreciated. Only you guys would stand in the most miserable weather to get us through tech.

    Thank you

    2012-09-14 12:03

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