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Tech September - 6
Before and after views on the same car. Even the manifold cleans-up well after Dry Ice Blasting

By Zoran Halavanja of ZoroTech (from Provinz September 2015 page 14)

Porsche owners can be meticulous and a very special breed. Every Tech knows how picky Porsche owners can be with their cars.

On a recent trip back home and traveling through Europe, visiting friends and tech centres, I came upon a new technology that has caught on rapidly across the Atlantic. Cars are brought back to pristine new like status with effluent free cleaning using what appears to be nothing more than compressed air! It prevents the cancer that sets in due to our climate. The before and after photographs on this page show the amazing outcome of this process that is very new to Canada and USA.

Tech September - 1Tech September - 3What is it? Simply stated, it is dry ice blasting. How does it work? Real simple: dry ice as you know, is compressed solid CO2 that sublimes at -78.5° Celsius and carbon dioxide is present in the atmosphere, so it is relatively easy to capture and compress into solid matter without additives. Yes, it requires rather heavy duty and specialized equipment, but it is completely free of other chemicals and is a non-condensable gas. The technology is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and FDA in USA and used extensively in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

If it is good enough to clean surfaces in food and pharma, then it can’t be bad at all for our precious Porsches? That’s right, it is non-flammable, non-conducting, and nonpolar and directly sublimates to gas to boot! After seeing the results of how dry ice particles can remove grease, road grime, oxidization, discoloring and a host of other unwanted matter from the engines, undercarriages, bodywork and interior.

Tech September - 5
Before Dry Ice Blasting

Tech September - 4
Aafter Dry Ice Blasting

Unlike media blasting where there are many related issues, dry ice blasting does not leave anything behind because the CO2 particle does its job and disappears. In other words, dry ice is fed into a very high-pressure air compressor that blasts the ice particles on to the surface being cleaned at -79°C and because the particle instantly micro-freezes that area and is abrasive at the same time as it sublimes, dry ice blasting can easily remove adhesive, oil or other films and dirt with no residue whatsoever because it vaporizes on contact, milliseconds after freezing the area being cleaned, penetrating and lifting anything undesirable from almost any surface. With the proper size nozzles, dry ice blasting can be used to clean broad swaths of surfaces or even aggressively remove rust and even paint from metal and composite surfaces without damage to the base material. Carpets and leather seats can be cleaned to astonishingly bring back the stiches on detailed leather seats to as-new condition!

Tech September - 8
Salt stains on carpets are completely removed

Tech September - 7


Even carpets and leather seats that have been damaged by a spilled milkshake will be completely restored to factory fresh condition with dry ice blasting. The engine and underside of the car can be brought back to original cleanliness for concours finishes that would have never previously been possible with the old methods of solvents and other cleaning systems. Engine overhaul is pure bliss with dry ice blasting of all dismantled components because nothing is distorted, no abrasive misadventure, no time-consuming solvent bath cleaning. Nothing, but pure clean components that look new again. Dry ice blasting your car will make it as clean as possible and concours-ready or is simply the best method of preserving your vehicle prior to putting it away at the end of the season, requiring minimal effort to shine next Spring when the snow melts.


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