Tech Tactics East 2014 – Event Report

By George O’Neill, PCAUCR Tech Editor

(from Provinz April 2014, page 12)

For the past three years, I have made the trip to Easton, Pennsylvania for Tech Tactics East. This annual event, which has been running for over 30 years, is held over a weekend in late February or early March. The same sessions run both Saturday and Sunday to allow PCA members to select the day to attend that best fits their schedule. This year about 120 people attended each day, and again the event was held at Porsche’s Northeast Regional Support Centre. If you are not familiar with these events, read the following four short paragraphs from the organizers:

Tech Tactics is a day dedicated to Porsche technical information. This event is for the casual information gatherer to the every day Porsche mechanic. Get the latest information directly from the source, from how to balance Weber carburetors for your 1970 Porsche 911S, to understanding how your Cayenne Diesel works.

The event was born in 1980 in the heart of Zone One at the Harley Hotel north of Hartford, CT. It quickly outgrew this facility and moved to the Springfield Sheraton where it resided for over twenty years. By the 1990s it was the premier technical weekend for PCA with some renowned speakers; such as, Norbert Singer, Phil Hill, Derek Bell, and Brian Redman.

By 2007 attendance was dwindling and new venue was in order. The event was moved to the Farnbacher-Loles facility in Danbury, CT. This move regenerated interest in the event with over 250 attendees. With the demise of the F-L facility, we have moved again and have changed the direction slightly in terms of the format.

5) ONA_2818WRTech Tactics 2014 will be hosted at the PCNA Training facility in Easton, PA. This facility is perfect for a “hands-on“ type of event. This facility is used to train Porsche technicians on the intricacies of the new Porsches. It is equipped with state of the art classrooms with lifts and drive train assemblies which will be available for our event.  click here to read full story

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