Eric's Targa 1wrEric LeBlanc

By John-Kurt Pliniussen, Porsche-Phile Editor (from Provinz October 2014 page 35)

Eric LeBlanc has just bought his first Porsche and recently joined us in UCR. Here are his thoughts about his new journey with his 1989 911 Targa.

How long have you wanted a Porsche and what’s it like?

I’ve wanted one for about 15 years, and have been seriously looking for three. Especially the early generation 911s from the ’70s. Now I look forward to every time I can jump into that seat, feel the quality and fit, even after 25 years. It really starts the day off on a high note. Even being stuck in traffic doesn’t make me nuts any more. I just get to spend more time behind the wheel! The favourite part of my day is now the drive in, along with the drive home, which usually takes a bit longer as I have time to take the scenic route and head east for a bit before turning back west to home.

Why a 911?

Eric's Targa 2wrI have always loved the classic lines of the 911…the quintessential Porsche. You are a part of the drive, not just along for the ride. You can feel the road, feedback via steering and brakes makes you pay attention and really be in command of the drive. That, for me, is awesome! I have owned other convertibles and really wanted a Targa, to get the best of both worlds, wide open to enjoy the rush of air through the cab, but a hard top to extend the driving season in the fall and spring. The hard top stiffens the car up a bit and the ride with top on or off is awesome. Convertibles of that era are really hard to come by. I know several people who have one, but they are much newer and a bit out of my range. Plus, they are water cooled with tiptronic. I was looking for a classic air-cooled five-speed. I really enjoy the act of driving.

I tell my friends now that if they are looking for a supercar that can be used as a daily driver, and put the fun back in driving, they have to consider a Porsche. The network is great, with lots of really good information on the internet via user groups. Parts for most cars, in particular 911s, are still easy to come by.

But beware, don’t test-drive one unless you are prepared to purchase. Once you drive one, I dare you not to eventually get one. It might not be the first one you test drive, but you will definitely want one. Take your time, get one that has the service history, and a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) from a Porsche dealer. But once you find the right one for you, it will be awesome. But beware, you better have some extra garage space, these things are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!



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