THE PORSCHE-PHILE – An interview with Bruno Vendittelli

100_3481WRBy Stewart McKinney, Porsche-Phile Editor (from Provinz May 2014 page 39)


When did you join PCA?

I joined in 2000.

What Porsches do you currently own?  

I have an ‘87 Carrera, and a ‘02 911 Turbo. In the past I had a 1955 356 and a 1996 Boxster. Silver exteriors with either red or blue interiors are my favorite colour combinations and all of my current and past Porsches have had this colour combination. Right side 2a

Any past cars that hold a special memory?  

The 356 was an excellent car, it was a pleasure to drive and was a really nice looking car with a silver exterior and a blue interior with corduroy seat inserts. The car won first in class at the PCA Concours when I owned it. I bought it for $20K in 2003, and sold it for almost double my money a few years later. I have been keeping track of it and it recently sold for 135,000 euros.

You mentioned to me about your first view of a Porsche and how it got you hooked, can you tell us that story?

My family had a gas station that I worked at during the summers, the local Porsche dealership in St Catherine’s brought cars in for fuel each time there was a test drive so I really became interested in Porsches after seeing the new cars come in each day. On my 16th birthday the top salesperson for the dealership knew of my love for the cars and surprised me by taking me for a ride in an brand new 1986 Carrera.

What are the aspects of the club you like the most?

The biggest aspect is that when you go to an event there are nice, like-minded people who share the love of Porsche and like to share stories about their cars. In addition, the track events are great, the track instructors are always so helpful and it make it a very pleasurable day.

Any funny or interesting stories you would like to share about your car?

Rear belts and boosterThe car I currently own is the ‘87 Carrera and I wanted to take my children, who were three and four years old at the time, on drives with me and my wife. In order to feel that they were safe, I had booster seats made for the back seats, along with shoulder seatbelts. It took some time to find the right material to match, but they looked great in the end, and the kids were able to travel with us to events and family excursions. I hope my kids catch the Porsche bug someday, right now they are into computers and glued to the TV…but I have hope.

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