The Porsche-Phile March 2013

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Greg Greenham
Car: 2008 GT3

IMG_1095I was born in Windsor on March 27, 1953. I now live in Toronto. I have always loved cars or anything with an engine on it, and bought my first car when I was 14—a 1963 VW Beetle for $400—and got my license on my 15th birthday.

I have always loved Porsches, and got my first one in 1987 (a 1986 944). Since then, I have owned many cars (1973 Lotus Elan SS, Corvette Z06, RX7, Nissan 300ZX, Mustang GT, BMW M3) but nothing has compared to the Porsche. I have had five (1986 944, 1995 C4, 2000 Boxster S, 2000 996 with Aerokit and current 2008 GT3). The GT3 is the best car I have ever owned and it is a track weapon that you have to be very careful with at the limit.

IMG_0003I started doing track days in 1987 and have run on tracks like Tremblant, Mosport, Watkins Glen, Shannonville and Calabogie in my cars and motorcycles and F2000.

I also enjoy sports like tennis, squash, skiing, water skiing and keeping fit. In the winter I ride a snowmobile on destination rides; our most recent ride in 2012 went from west Quebec to the east coast and back over a period of two weeks, covering 3,000km.

I was a member of the Porsche club in the late 80’s but just recently rejoined two years ago.

IMG_0002People who own a Porsche all understand what it is that makes the brand special. All my friends who do not have one, want one, even though they will not always admit it.


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