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Rhonda RobertsMacanRobertsBy Rhonda Roberts, Porsche-Phile Editor (from Provinz January 2015 page 36)


Rhonda Roberts bought her first Porsche in November 2013, got to drive a Porsche for the first time in July 2014, and has been a member of PCA UCR since September 2014.

Buying my first Porsche came as a complete surprise to me, although in hindsight, it shouldn’t have. I value cars that last a lifetime. I was raised in a family where the car was a family member–complete with a name such as Betsy or Goldie–and was kept for years and years, once as long as twenty five.

As an adult, my own two cars became a part of my life experiences, but to fulfill all my needs I had to have two vehicles; one that allowed me to pull a jetski, take numerous friends downhill skiing in Quebec and Ontario while carrying luggage and ski/snowboarding equipment, and in the summer carting my mountain bike to and from the forest. It also had to be one that gave me the handling of a car with a manual transmission that I enjoyed driving like a sports car–shifting gears and accelerating where ever I could, handling curves in the road.

But after sixteen years with two vehicles, I decided it was time to replace them, but this time with only one, one that would combine fun and practicality.

I spend a fair amount of time in downtown Toronto and have often driven by the Porsche dealership on my way to the highway, wondering what was inside there that I could admire. But one day I shocked myself by saying to my husband, “Let’s go inside. Let’s see what’s in there, it might be fun.” And those words were never spoken more true.

We looked at the Cayenne, heard about the new and coming Macan S, checked out a quote for it online with the sales agent and then left the dealership to ‘think’ about it. After ten minutes of walking down Front Street, I noticed I had left my purse under the desk at the dealership and had to return.

What a sign, I thought. And so I said to my husband, “Let’s do it. Let’s buy the Macan S”.

And we have never been happier with the purchase of a car. The Macan S handles beautifully, drives beyond anything I’ve ever driven and yet is so easy to handle for a driver of my skill set.

Being a performance car, I thought I would be challenged by it, but it actually makes me a better driver with all its safety features, lane assist and braking ability. I’ve never felt safer.

I only wait for the day when the accessories are made available for the 2015 model so I can have the tow package and the roof rack extensions so I can install my kayak racks on top of the car. Apart from arriving in style at the mountain biking trails and ski hills, I’m going to look so hot driving to the lake next year, I can see it coming.

Looking back, I wonder why I didn’t do this before, but I know looking forward, I will never hesitate to buy another Porsche.

I like the quote from Eric LeBlanc (October 2014 issue), “…you better have some extra garage space, these things are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!” I second that, Eric.



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