THE PORSCHEPHILE: There’s nothing like a 914!

David & Carrie Tipton’s 1974 914 LE, “Bumblebee”

Story and photos by David Tipton, UCR Member (from Provinz May 2016 page 28)

IMAG1346_2Have you ever dreamed of being behind the wheel of a sexy sports car with your body wrapped in leather, the roof off, and the roar of the engine in your ear? When you read Porsche’s slogan “There is no substitute.” it really means there is no substitute. These cars are designed to provide you with an experience that comes from Porsche’s design and brand philosophy.

IMAG1065-1Hi, I am David, and for over thirty years I’ve had a love affair with the 914’s. I can still remember as a young boy laying my eyes on an orange and black 914. That was the moment I realized my love for those cars and I knew that one day that moment of love would change my life.

In October 2014, my wife and I drove out to Colborne, Ontario to visit Mike from Mike’s 914’s. I was interested in a 1975 yellow 914 that Mike was selling. During our visit we were educated on the history of the 914’s, including the rare 1974, 914 LE that was on a hoist, being restored. After tak­ing the test drive, Mike suggested I look at other 914’s before making any decisions.

I couldn’t seem to get these cars out of my thoughts. My wife told me not to worry, there was a car out there for me and that car would find me. Soon afterward, I spotted a 1974, 914 that Gentry Lane was advertising for sale on their website. Although they were closed, I decided to take a look in person. With my face pressed up to the glass, there it was, sitting on the show room floor. All I could think of was my wife was correct, the right car would find me.

A week later it was ours. My wife researched the car’s history, and to our surprise we were the proud owners of a rare 1974, 914 LE Bumblebee.

The car was originally purchased October 23, 1974 in Toronto and forty years later, to the day, we purchased that car. Gotta love fate!74_Porsche-03-1

Whether you enjoy your car, keep it till the day you die, pass it on to a loved one, or sell it for a profit depends on your love for that particular car. The 1974, 914 LE makes me feel like a celebrity.

Everyone is looking at me, stopping to take pictures with lots of questions and inquiries. The satisfaction is in seeing the smiling faces on kids who are pointing at it and in seeing their excitement. But the best feeling is when my wife and I are driving together on the road and I let it loose, and we feel the power, the grip, and the symphonic purr of the engine that leaves us breathless. Standing back, we’re thinking this beautiful car is ours.

I thank you for allowing me to share with you the experi­ence this car has brought to me.

Remember to dream big, dream often, and to always hold on to your dreams because you never know when your dreams could become a reality.

Sincerely, David.IMAG0933


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