johnadamContributed by John Adam, UCR Historian (from Provinz July 2015 page 9)


35 Years Ago

A drawing of the 924 graced the Provinz cover. Bruce Farrow and Dave Pateman went to Indianapolis and East Cleveland to buy cheap Porsche parts. They covered 1,300 miles (2,080 km) in 20 hours. Also picked up a speeding ticket. Promo for the VARAC picnic was the only other item.

25 Years Ago

We had the Porsche Indy car on the cover and it appeared at Downtown Fine Cars for our monthly social. PCA total membership of 28,000 was a mere shadow of what it is today. Rainer & Eileen Beltzner, Randy& Leo Meyers joined. Single day DE events were the norm @ $75. Mobil 1 5W30 was becoming recognized, albeit slowly. Skeptics still liked conventional oil products. There were five Porsche dealers in Ontario. The Plouffes competed in the Zone 1 Concours d’Elegance near New York City and trophied second in class. Howard Dexter was operating the novice DE class @ $25, including lunch. President J. Crawford Reid went on (and on) about his busy DE schedule, Parade in Monterey, and more. Current day racer and DE Instructor, Margaret Jakubowski’s baby picture appeared.

20 Years Ago

Parade was in Portland, OR. Thirty-two primary members joined + spouses and family members. Articles had become technical with discussion of timing belts, faulty control arms, ball joints and the like. Irene Orr hosted a wine tasting event with Tony Aspler as guest speaker.

15 Years Ago

Tomiko & Walter Murk joined, as did 28 others. President Ken Jensen and first lady Sussi were en route back from Parade at Sacramento, CA. Six Fun Runs were in the works for summer. Andy Wright prepared a spiritual article that deserves to be reprinted – it was about joining in the fun. Ben Ciantar went on for pages about torque, gear ratios, transmissions and clutches. Jay Lloyds went to Germany with Terry Cleland and Randy Black. They visited the archives and later got rides around Weissach’s test track in aGT1. Cool!

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