The Way We Were…

JohnAdamTower2Contributed by John Adam, UCR Historian

25 Years Ago
Cover photo shows John and Rosemary Adam with Crawford and Josie Reid receiving the Region of the Year trophy at the Monterey Parade. This was the second successive year for UCR to be so honoured. The talk of the day was new by-laws and elections in November. As well, we needed a charity event. The 356 owners were having a picnic on the Blackstone’s lawn. Our yellow cards were a big deal in support of membership growth. There was an Indy car reception at Downtown Fine Cars. DE at Shannonville was $75 and events were single-day. Howard Dexter welcomed new instructors Ted Madison, Uli Furtmair and Stephen Goodbody. We received a thank you letter from newlyweds Andrea and Barry Sloan, who married en route Mosport. When we learned about the marriage we set up an impromptu wedding reception at the track. Ben Ciantar ran a 911 engine rebuilding course for members on four successive Saturdays. Dave Pateman was planning a day for 914 owners. Rally, autocross and concours were summer events. The Porsche Park was inside Mosport Corner 1 for all races and the brats and beer were always there for members. Bruce Farrow had lotsa parts for sale.

20 Years Ago
Ian John and Rick Small went to Mosport for the unveiling of the new 911 models. Rick Bye was looking after the press fleet. Hurley Haywood was Ian’s instructor in the 911 Turbo. We were getting a web site for the first time. Mini techs were on the schedule. Parade was in Portland, OR.

15 Years Ago
DE was up to $220/weekend. Keith Andersen and Dennis Sakamoto became DE instructors. John Van Atter is pictured presenting a cheque for $12,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Scott Wilkens described in detail the rebuilding of his 944. John Van Atter hosted a wine tasting in Burlington. Ian John and Andy Wright produced a multi-event weekend in Stratford with 80 attending.

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