JohnAdamTower2Contributed by John Adam, UCR Historian (from Provinz September 2015 page 9)


25 Years Ago

Cover photo is eight DE drivers that were at Mid-Ohio. We looked younger then. We had just picked up our second “Region of the Year” trophy at Parade. Bruce Farrow was promoting our Shannonville DE events. They were single-day back then. The Awards Banquet was to be at Ontario Place with speaker Bill Adam. Cost was $50. Jim Kenzie was speaker at our monthly Social. The Nominating Committee was soliciting. Crawford Reid’s 944 Turbo had a cute blonde draped over it as an attention-getter. Crawford, is Mary Ann still blonde? Elizabeth Spivak gave lessons on how to pack a 911 with four people and all the luggage you need for a week away. Very tricky job! Howard Dexter was taking two-lane roads to Mont Tremblant while the fearless foursome of Van Wert et al plus a few others were learning Le Circuit.

20 Years Ago

Super Dave Osborne won the Toronto Star Wheels Driving Challenge and enjoyed a day at the Bridgestone Racing School. Alan Jones was featured in the Financial Post article about “the need for speed”. John & Rosemary Adam had just completed their Porsche factory-sponsored 5,000 km tour of Europe. Andy Wright and Ian John were doing a Multi-Event weekend at Pillar and Post in NOTL. Ben Ciantar did a comprehensive historical review of the Pfaff dealership in Newmarket. Ben also reported on his 944 engine mods and a new exhaust system that improved performance. Ken Jensen’s fun runs were the coming thing.

15 Years Ago

Mario Marrello joined. Theresa John was arranging the Awards Banquet by the lake in Burlington at $75. Andy Wright talked at length about the advisability of car mods. Paula Sellner wrote about Lennox McNeely’s Around the World in 80 Days rally. Centre spread was pix from the Club Race. Kathrin Menge wrote about flying to Parade in Sacramento out of Detroit on Southwest Airlines.

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