JohnAdamTower2By John Adam, UCR Historian (from Provinz October 2015 page 9)

25 Years Ago

The Awards Banquet was being promoted at $50 with Bill Adam as guest speaker. The Shannonville DE event closed the season with a fee of $75. The monthly social had an Oktoberfest theme. Philip White [the elder] was president-in-waiting. Clive Van Wert wrote about ruining the engine in his 944S after he started his DE track day down a litre of oil. DE drivers take note – check your oil daily. Chief Instructor, Howard Dexter, wrote about a Corvette club lapping day at Mosport where no fewer that eight Corvettes found their way to a meeting with the track wall. Hank Franczak, Tom & Cynthia Brown joined.

20 Years Ago

Editor Karl Thomson said that we had a new web site and that web master Ed Agabeg would provide you with special software to allow you to access the site. We reported on a Muskoka tour that immediately followed a local tornado. My cousin Eva Collakova was visiting from Slovakia and is seen in a Muskoka tour event photo – she liked the rocks and trees. Ben Ciantar provided a treatise on nuts, bolts, torque and much more. Ben was also organizing a mini-tech on repainting your Porsche. Bryce Virgo joined.

15 Years Ago

Ken Jensen provided a “minute by minute” of the Jensen’s visit to Parade in Sacramento, CA. Crawford Reid organized an enjoyable Fun Run along the Grand River to Brantford. John Van Atter was promoting the Charity Auction – a major money raiser in those days. Rothmans Porsche Turbo Cup cars were available for sale. Jean-Pierre Verbunt, Eric Buckley and Dave Stormont joined.

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