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By John Adam, UCR Historian (from Provintz November 2015 page 7)

25 Years Ago

The DE season had wound down. Potomac Region had a Green Group classroom session at weekend track events – which we copied. New people were to be elected to manage UCR, lead by the elder Phil White. We were leaning on George Barbu to print a December colour cover – gratis. UCR had grown to be eleventh largest Region with growth of 17%. Tom and Cynthia Brown joined, as did Mike Tamblyn. Auguste Lecourt spoke about performance mods. Socials were held at Kobi’s, near 427 and Dundas. For timely updates on UCR events, we posted our telephone hotline number – an answering machine. Chief Instructor Howard Dexter reported that Stephen Goodbody and Uli Furtmair had  developed into fast drivers – yup, they sure have.

20 Years Ago

Ken Jensen did a “minute by minute” review of the Jensen’s trip to Parade in Portland, OR, a journey of 7,056 miles = 11,290 km. The team of Andy Wright and Ian John were planning a multi-event weekend at Pillar and Post. UCR had grown to 1,000 primary members. The Concours was reviewed. It was held at Appleby College and included a picnic basket contest. Mike Tamblyn was passing the Chief Instructor mantle to Stephen Goodbody. Mike just reappeared after a 14-year hiatus. Welcome back. Super Dave Osborne wrote about his four years in DE. The article could easily be freshened and reprinted by simply adding 20 years to the age of his 928.

 15 Years Ago

Editor Paula Sellner said that we had hosted some troubled teens at Mosport for a lunchtime ride and presented them with backpacks. Aided by the Rotary Club, the kids had a fabulous outing. I remember it well. Theresa John was  organizing the Awards Banquet in Burlington. Mike Acerra reminded us of a DE day at Mosport when the fog was so thick that we scrubbed all the Saturday runs around 2 o’clock. We published the names and pictures of Appleby College Concours winners, chaired by Barry McKee.

Contributed by John Adam, UCR Historian

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