By John Adam, UCR Historian (from December Provinz, page 7)

25 Years Ago

George Barbu was always a generous provider of printed December covers in colour.  Provinz was up to 900 copies, supported by 25 advertisers.  Mike Tamblyn joined.  Bruce Farrow was giving up his DE chair to Marc Plouffe.  173 members attended DE events.  Topping the track junkie list were Adam (yours truly) and Plouffe.  Mini tech sessions were held in the Plouffe garage.  Bill Adam was guest speaker at the Awards Banquet held at the Trillium Restaurant at Ontario Place.

20 Years Ago

New members included Jack Christie and Susan & Jeff Davis.  John Van Atter and Ken Jensen were promoting a Charity Auction to benefit the Children’s Wish Foundation.  We were active participants for the Children’s Wish Day at Mosport organized by Jeff Pabst.  Editor Karl Thomson wrote “Diary of a Track Virgin”.  Karl now has a race team.  He always used a strange typeface, which I find difficult reading to this day.

15 Years Ago

Editor Mike Acerra was handing over the DE responsibilities to Ray Pleasance.  We had an active winter go kart series—until squelched by our PCA insurance company.  Once again John Van Atter was promoting his Charity Auction, Favouring the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  UCR had a weekend outing on the RMS Segwun.  I can’t recollect the details but we somehow missed the Segwun’s departure and so the Adams and the Menges zoomed by Segwun, flying a large Porsche banner from the Menge’s boat.  We attended a taping of Royal Canadian Air Farce and combined that with dinner at Leoni’s Italian Kitchen.  We were promoting a visit to the Rolex 24 Hour Race at Daytona.  David Watson wrote a great article about the times he got helped by friends at DE events.  Watson bought my original 1983 944 NA.  Kye Wankum reviewed the Kyser Racing GT Class results in the ALMS series.


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