JohnAdamTower2By John Adams, UCR Historian (from January Provinz, page 7)

35 Years Ago

President Dave Pateman talked about a parts run to Stoddard’s Porsche dealership, near Cleveland.  The tech item covered modification of 914 torsion bars to add grease fittings.  The major issue was getting people to help run the club’s events.  Bruce Farrow reviewed the Porsche-Corvette Challenge, an autocross competition.  Bruce Farrow was buying and selling parts.

30 Years Ago

President Joseph Fantl had incorporated the club. Provinz was published in two formats—a monthly bulletin and three-times-a-year premium edition.  Parade was in Portland, ME, and I assisted with Goodie Store management.  Mark and Angie Herring had designed a new club crest. Parade volunteers were doing a quilt for a raffle and Regions were each asked to complete one square containing their club’s crest. The Adams hosted a photo night competition, with 40 attending.

25 Years Ago

Past President Phil White had a plethora of event chairs.  The monthly social at Kobi’s expected 120 to hear Klaus Luttman, Porsche Marketing Manager, give all the latest news.  Marc Plouffe had an active DE program planned.  The dates were split between Mosport and Shannonville and the fee was $75 per day.  Rosemary Adam had updated UCR by-laws.  Bruce Farrow’s column was called “Classic Porsches”.  Nineteen new members joined. Total (primary) membership was about 700.  Howard Dexter reported in “Off Line” that he read a book: Gilles Villenueve, The Life of the Legendary Racing Driver.  Crawford Reid was handling dealer relations.  Bruce Farrow still had parts…

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