Contributed by John Adams, UCR Historian (from February Provinz)

30 Years Ago

Rothmans Porsche on the cover. Thirty-four cents postage. Provinz reported that Colin Black had taken responsibility for Advertising. Years later, he won a 2011 911 GTS in PCA’s Members Only Raffle. Bruce Farrow reported three single-day DE events at Shannonville. Second drivers to get a $5 discount. Ottawa Valley Region would be at Mosport for a May weekend—registration fee: $85. Looking ahead, Porsche Derby weekend was in Louisville, KY, and Parade was in Portland, ME.

25 Years Ago

The Solaroli slope nose Kremer 935 was on the cover. Jim Kenzie was coming to the monthly Social. John Adam was appointed PCA Zone 11 rep. Bruce Farrow helped readers select a good 356 in “Classic Porsches”. UCR was 10th largest PCA Region—we’re now the largest. 1990 membership growth was 19.5%. Marc Plouffe’s Mosport April weekend was $150. Howard Dexter taught us all about oil viscosity. Ben Ciantar wrote about connecting rod bearings, while John Adam had his engine oil analysis published. Shift Into Spring evolved from the earlier Tire Tech. Winter Porsche thoughts and dreams were the subject of articles by Jurgen Kontor and Elizabeth Spivak. David Gaunt provided service hints. Old Phil White, our president, went on (and on) about Toronto parking.

20 Years Ago

Mosport DE dates had become two-day weekend events. Klaus Bytzek joined. David Langton went to Zuffenhausen as did Richard Czerlau, who provided photos. President Botho von Bose complimented John Van Santa aka John Van Charity. Super Dave Osborne wrote about a snowy drive to Peterborough, along with some drivers with lesser skills. Financial Post ran a feature about our Alan Jones and we reprinted it. Tom Brown wrote about his new love affair—with his 928.

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