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johnadamBy John Adam, UCR Historian (from Provinz May 2014 page 8)

25 Years Ago

I reviewed some highlights of the Zone 1 Tech, where Alois Ruf had been a visitor. We were acquainted before the Zone 1 session and so we had a great opportunity to introduce Alois to the UCR attendees. Our April Mosport DE weekend was $125 and included Saturday dinner trackside but later events were all single-day at $65. Used car importation from the US was being slowly liberalized. Boxer Autosport was to host the Concours d’Elegance. Marc Plouffe was organizing a Spring Rally. A pre-concours clean-car tech session would use the Fantl 911 Lawnboy, now owned by Andy Wright and still going strong. Dr. Hermann Burst, Porsche AG, spoke on the new 964 at U of T, followed by dinner at Hart House. Howard Dexter was forming a Track Operations Group, which operates to this day.

20 Years Ago

The Zone 1 Concours and Swap Meet was to be in Parsippany, NJ. Ben Ciantar went on at great length about the new 993. Bruce Farrow had his Classic Porsches vintage racing. S. Gonzales had a rant about the new and despised photo radar.

15 Years Ago

My, how we had grown. Half of Canadian PCA New members included Sean & Shane Baghai, Stan Carmichael, Danny Kroll and a raft of others. Bryce Virgo was promoting the Concours d’Elegance at Kelso Conservation Park. I recollect we had a beautiful day in the summer sun. Ken Jensen rebuilt his 911 just before our 8,000 km junket to Parade in Colorado, where it was again in 2009.  Zupan and Ashcroft were organizing a July rally. Club Racing was back at Mosport.

Contributed by John Adam, UCR Historian

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