JohnAdamTower2Contributed by John Adam, UCR Historian
(from April 2016 Provinz, page 7)

35 years Ago

The Boulevard Club was the venue for monthly socials.  John Timbrell wrote about visiting the13th annual War Bonnet Tech in Oklahoma City. Four hundred attended the Saturday night banquet – including two Canadians. Chuck Stoddard said that the 911 would survive to at least 1985. Jane Nestlerode, PCA Executive Secretary, whined about huge US fees to cash foreign cheques covering PCA membership. The concept of credit card payment was not yet on the horizon. Bruce Farrow had parts for sale.

30 years Ago

The cover sported our new crest design by Mark and Angie Herring. The entire edition was sponsored by H.J. Pfaff Motors and detailed the newly expanded Newmarket dealership. The offer by Hans Pfaff to take the entire issue upon donation of $1,000 caused your editor heart palpitations. That was about equal to the current balance in the club bank account. Provinz had a calendar of events for the entire year. Rennsport @ Mosport was $86. Registration for Zone 1 Watkins Glen DE was USD$75 and included Saturday dinner. In promoting DE at Shannonville, Chair Bruce Farrow called Provinz editor John Adam a devout coward, which was true then as now. “Devout cowards, like your editor, will be doing their best to stay on track at Shannonville… The Zone 1 Concours weekend was at Orangeburg, NY, and was always held on Victoria Day weekend. New members included Ernie Jakubowski, Donald Plouffe, Dennis Rak, and Crawford Reid. We hoped to have 200 members at year end.

 25 years Ago

PCYC was our new venue for monthly socials. The season was unfolding along traditional lines, albeit with new people at the helm. They included, Howard Dexter, Marc Plouffe, Crawford Reid, the Spivaks, Botho von Bose and (Old) Phil White. Provinz was replete with ads. Life was good.



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