johnadamContributed by John Adam, UCR Historian (from Provinz December 2014 page 42)


30 Years Ago

Copy was very light. It featured a story by new member Greg Kerr about his adventures with restoration of a 356. Bruce Farrow had lotsa parts for sale, as did Dave Pateman.

25 Years Ago

Now with colour on the cover, donated by George Barbu. Scott Goodyear was reported as a DE instructor at a recent event while his wife Leslie was in the Green Run Group. David Tennyson was one of our hotshoes in those days and subject of a feature article. Our 43 percent annual membership growth was heading us from fourteenth in the direction of Top 10 regions—only 100 more members to grow! PCA was just under 28,000. Howard Dexter wrote about gofaster HP improvements. Crawford Reid was incoming President. Rosemary Adam was outbound. Bruce Farrow was selling parts.

20 Years Ago

John Van Atter had a lengthy list of items for the Sweetheart Charity Auction. Children’s Wish kids were our guests at an October Mosport special event. Clive Van Wert reviewed the DE season and noted that Richard Spenard was a great help. Shift Into Spring was planned for David Tennyson’s Formula Kartways. Randy Smith thanked a slew of event sponsors. There was a full page of new members.

15 Years Ago

Ken Jensen was crowned President by outgoing President John Van Atter. A hundred members attended the Awards Banquet where Erin Davis spoke and Mike Accera’s band played. John Van Atter was promoting the Charity Auction and The Children’s Wish Foundation was the designated charity. Andy Wright wrote about his 924S and then buying Joe Fantl’s LawnBoy-green ’72 911T, which he still enjoys driving.

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