johnadamContributed by John Adam, UCR Historian (from Privinz January 2015 page 8)


35 Years Ago

David Pateman was the new President. Membership passed 110. The February Social would be at The Old Mill. The a la carte menu had filet at $12.50 for the high rollers. Soup was 80 cents. Green salad $1.40. Bruce Farrow had a lot of parts for sale.

25 Years Ago

Rosemary Adam, Past President, and Botho von Bose graced the cover with a picture from the Awards Banquet, attended by 135 members. Botho von Bose was awarded Enthusiast of the Year. Crawford Reid was the new President. We were just starting to use e-mail and some new technology to help with Provinz. Second class mailing privileges required Provinz sortation into 58 separate groups. The membership count was 500. Our Socials moved to a restaurant at Dundas and The West Mall, Etobicoke. (Old) Phil White reported on a maintenance day held at Ruf Automobiles. Jurgen Barth was to appear at tech Tactics, Enfield, CT. Howard Dexter’s Off Line article covered brakes.

20 Years Ago

Patti Green was the new President and wrote an extensive article about the Awards Banquet at Movenpick. As well, she wrote a two-page presidential article. John Adam wrote a piece about the racing career of Ludwig Heimrath. Peripheral Vision was talking about the Rolex 24 at Daytona. We had quite an entourage attending in those days. John Van Atter had a two-page insert of all the items available for bid in the Charity Auction.

15 Years Ago

Ken Jensen took the helm. John Van Atter was promoting a January wine tasting event as well as the Charity Auction. Fun Runs were a new thing. Andy Wright wrote about signaling your intentions. Go-karting was a UCR winter activity—until given the kibosh by PCA insurance rules. Andy Wright and Ian John were to host a Multi-Event weekend. Mike Acerra announced the new DE track dates. Richard Bain wrote a hilarious piece about a race at Daytona. Enthusiast of the Year was Peter Helston.

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