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johnadamBy John Adam, UCR Historian (from Provinz February 2015 page 6)


30 Years Ago

Phil Hucker was pleading for a person to come forward as president. Sherry & Wilf Danner were “Enthusiasts of the Year”. The three-day Zone 1 DE weekend at Watkins Glen was $65. Bruce Farrow wrote a lengthy article about getting into vintage racing. He mentioned Dan Proudfoot as another vintage racer. Bruce Farrow listed two pages of parts for sale. Mark & Angie Herring designed a new club crest.

25 Years Ago

We were waiting to see if UCR had reached a yearend count of 600 primary members. Mobil 1 was the next new thing in engine lubricants. The topic at the February Social was the Rothmans-Porsche Turbo Cup Series. Pictures from the December Social were of a gift exchange–where the gifts kept being exchanged. Howard Dexter’s “Offline” article was all about the 964, aka the 911 Carrera 4.

20 Years Ago

John Van Atter was raising money for charity. Paul Roberts was hosting our first Ski Day. DE fees were up to $195 for the weekend. Karl Thomson designed a new club crest. Patti Green went on and on and on. Autocross from the previous year was reviewed.

Mike Tamblyn bought Heimrath’s Turbo Cup 944. A big UCR crowd was visiting Daytona for the 24-hour endurance race. Amongst newcomers were Franz Chwojka, Geoff Davies, Delis Lus and Alex Veronac. We carried the baby picture of Jacqueline Elizabeth Metcalfe. Now, she could be driving dad’s 356 on the track. Howard Dexter took his 928 to Mt. Tremblant in a winter blizzard. Winter tires. No problem eh?

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