johnadamContributed by John Adam, UCR Historian (from Provinz May 2015, page 8)


25 Years Ago

Things had changed in a big way. The events calendar was filled. We rubbed shoulders with Jurgen Barth and Bruce Anderson at the Zone 1 Tech weekend. Mosport had a lot of upgrades. PCA had 28,000 members. Parade was in Monterey, CA. John Van Atter was doing Provinz distribution on the dining room table. Otto Mittelstaedt joined but maintained a low profile until becoming webmaster. BFGoodrich Comp T/As were the tire of the day for Trackies. The Pfaff Porsche dealership was celebrating 25 years. Two days at Tremblant were $135 while two days at Mid-Ohio were US$125. We gave away a set of tires at each DE event. 135 members attended the March Social and that was 25 percent of our primary membership. The Tiptronic transmission was brand new. As editor, I really enjoyed Howard Dexter’s Off Line articles. He was often the centre of controversy and he mentioned a half dozen who had taken umbrage. Go Howard! There was a story about prepping Renate Weidner’s Flitzer for the Michigan Parade Concours. About a dozen members worked on that car—it belonged to Rosemary Adam back then and it was just DAYS old. We had a twotrack weekend with Saturday/Sunday at Mosport and Monday at Shannonville combined with NNJR. What a hoot that was! John Timbrell was selling his ’76 911S Targa, now owned by Ken Jensen.

20 Years Ago

A member, John Hughes, died of cancer. We had dedicated a DE weekend to him. Widow Wendy Hughes and young son William Hughes were at the Mosport track and we made a presentation to them and then she wrote to acknowledge what we had done for the family. William, you should be old enough to join us at Mosport and we look forward to having you. I still have the Hughes commemorative shirt and a tear comes to my eye whenever I wear it. Super Dave was about to start making changes to his 928. It seems that he just never learned when to stop. John & Rosemary Adam went to Germany as guests of Porsche and drove 5,000 km before returning the 911 to Stuttgart.

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