UCR Autocross – 2014 Update

_DSC2700_editBy Mario Marrello, UCR Autocross Chair Photos by Wolfgang “Sonny” Lott, UCR Member (from Provinz October 2014 page 20)

When I took over the duties of the Autocross chair way back in 2006 I had no idea I’d continue to enjoy putting it on in 2014. I love organizing this event for our members and hearing about how much they’ve enjoyed it and how their driving has improved because of it.

When I joined PCA in 2000, my goal was to learn as much about the 944 I had just bought—and still own—as I could. I had heard about a Porsche Club back then and decided to search it out on the internet. I signed up almost immediately—what a deal! I can’t recall how much it was for a membership back then, but it’s even more of a deal today, especially with the number of events and activities UCR has available.

Just after joining, I looked at the PCA literature and read about this event called the autocross. Why doesn’t UCR have this, I wondered? Well, three years later, the autocross event came back to UCR. Apparently, it had existed in the club earlier but didn’t quite survive._DSC2863_edit

Someday I’ll get the details from our historian, John Adam, and perhaps get some insight from the participants and organizers of the event back then.

In 2014, autocross is a regular sell out. It has grown from the early days when it was great to attract just 10 cars; then, in 2008 we were “breaking records” with about 16 cars. Now, we have 25 cars filling the event to capacity and a wait list. I would like to thank all the participants, and especially those that try to make it out to each and every event.

_DSC2794_editThis success encourages us to think about expanding the event so we can get more members participating. One option is to run events in different areas of the province: Maybe the London area? How about Barrie or Peterborough? I would love to hear from anyone who would help us run an autocross in each of those areas (or any other area that has a large parking lot, runway or any paved patch of land). I will be happy to come out to help get things started and continue to help keep it going! Luckily, I have organizing this thing down to a science and I’ve been able to keep it going with the small team of my son Paul, Geoff Sheffrin and myself. Geoff has been helping the past two years and I want to thank him for his continued support.

_DSC2928_editFeedback is always positive and I’m happy for that, but I’m one to always look for ways to improve: “if it ain’t broke, we’re probably not pushing hard enough!” If you have any thoughts or insights into how we can improve or expand this event, feel free to reach out.

_DSC2731_editThe next event is scheduled for October 5 at the Toronto Star Press Centre. Check online for registration details—if the trend continues, do it now or it will be sold out!_DSC2571_edit

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