Unbeatable Fun, Sun and Sound

I HAVE SPENT the last five summers having a blast with my 2015, which was up until recently the last of the flat-sixes — a manual-transmission, black-on-black Porsche Boxster. The fun, sun and sound of this car cannot be beat! The engine howl cannot be understated.

The car has always been stored in the winter, never seen rain, and has spent a few spectacular days having fun on the track at Porsche events at Grand Bend Motorplex. This Boxster has never had a single problem, has always been serviced extremely well by Porsche of London, and has been nicely cared for by me. I have enjoyed this car so much that I recently put a deposit down on a 2021 Porsche Boxster GTS 4.0! I love the handling and braking of this car, but I always felt a few more horses would fit in quite nicely. I will be very sad to see the black-on-black go, but I can’t wait to take delivery and spend my first weekend trip with my wife and our new GT Silver with red-black two-tone leather interior, 394 horsepower, manual six-speed, no PDK, this summer!

This photo is taken at Grand Bend with a driving instructor showing me the best line to the corner. This car has been truly amazing in all respects. I have completely enjoyed driving it and cannot wait for the snow to melt and hit the road again. — William J. Assini

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