Weekend Warrior

THE WEATHER IS WARM and you’re seizing every opportunity there is to enjoy your Porsche at its fullest potential. With every weekend comes a chance to immerse yourself in a PCA event that stretches your Porsche’s legs — from dodging cones at Autocross to tearing up the tarmac on a spirited back-road cruise or track day.

There’s no denying that, through all of the fun, the paint of your vehicle is exposed to wear and tear. Whether it’s scuffing due to cones or minor damage from rock chips, there’s a case to be made for exterior protection. Thankfully, if you’re not ready to commit to paint-protection film, or want additional protection above existing protection, or are on your way to getting protection, XPEL TRACWRAP is a solution to consider. 

TRACWRAP is a clear polyurethane film that can be applied to virtually any surface of the vehicle with no installation experience required. With minimal prep work necessary and no need for professional tools, it goes on as easy as it comes off. This means that you can apply it trackside with nothing more than some scissors and a credit card. Once you’re done for the day or have reached your destination, it comes off as easy as peeling off a sticker.

If you participate in enthusiast events or plan on travelling long distances, there is value in having a reliable and reversible protective solution.

At one point or another you’ve likely been in the paddock, parking lot or garage with a roll of blue or green painter’s tape, carefully tearing strips and applying it to high-contact areas of your vehicle. The truth is, painter’s tape provides very little in the way of protection or aesthetic value and is time-consuming to apply.

To tackle the aforementioned downfalls, XPEL TRACWRAP film is clear and features 10.1 millimetres of thickness, acting as a substantial barrier against damage. With a roll width of up to 18 inches, installation can be completed with fewer seams and greater coverage on body panels.

TRACWRAP is versatile and we’ve seen it used in a number of different situations both on the street and on the track. The most unique use case was on a European delivery experience where the owner wanted to protect the exterior and enjoy beautiful roads throughout Europe stress-free. Installing it on-site at the delivery centre, the paint was kept protected from day one of ownership until redelivery in Canada, where it received full paint-protection film.

Of course, this was an extreme example, but in more realistic instances, TRACWRAP works well for providing protection on longer road trips like picking up your new Porsche from a dealership or travelling to Watkins Glen for a weekend of lapping.

Furthermore, if you’re undecided on the benefits of full paint-protection film, TRACWRAP provides a low-cost opportunity to get tactile with the material and test out its efficacy.

From an appearance standpoint, TRACWRAP is only as perfect as the installation. While the material includes air-release technology to assist with a DIY installation, bubbles and creases can appear.

Pricing for TRACWRAP is justifiably more than painter’s tape, which is an additional key consideration.

As well, since it cannot be torn with bare hands, a sharp object will need to be kept on hand to assist with cutting the TRACWRAP.

If you’re ready to ditch the painter’s tape, 12-inch-wide XPEL TRACWRAP is available at C17 Auto Armour for $4.30 per linear foot. If you want to try it before you buy it, simply swing by our Richmond Hill location, 30 West Beaver Creek Road, for a free 12-by-12-inch sample of the material. Call C17 Auto Armour at 905-597-2178 or E-mail hello@c17media.com. </>

Story and photos by C17 Media.

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