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By Kathleen Wong, UCR Past President 2017-2018 Photos by Eshel Zweig, Provinz Photographer and Ryan Tam, UCR Member

The UCR 2018 Banquet

On Saturday, October 27, about 160 Upper Canada Region (“UCR”) members and friends celebrated a record year of event participation at our Annual Banquet, which took place at the Islington Golf Club. The annual banquet is an occasion to give recognition to our long-time partners, volunteers and members who are the best ambassadors of the Porsche brand.


Story by Kathleen Wong, Past President, 2017-2018

The Ins and Outs of getting yourself on track

During the past several months, I have met a number of Porsche owners who have come to UCR events as guests of our members. The popular questions are how can they sign up with our Driver’s Education (“DE”) program and how do they get into PCA Club Racing. Our Driver Education events take place at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (aka Mosport) Grand Prix track. This is a four-kilometre racetrack in Bowmanville, Ontario and it is one of the fastest and toughest race tracks in the world.

Dave Osborne (DE Track Chair) and his team have built a first-class DE program, and I have witnessed how the DE program has evolved over the past 20 years. Here is a cheat sheet for those who are interested in our DE program and PCA Club Racing.


Story and Photos Submitted by Roger Stopford, UCR Tech Sessions Chairman

968 Gets some decent recent press

I got PCA’s e-Brake news recap this morning and it included an article on “Five of the coolest cars at the 2018 Porsche Parade Concours.” The article’s intro included a photo of a Speed Yellow 968 which caught my attention and triggered a thought in me that the 968 seems to have been prominent in PCA publications recently. The 968 was the last of the classic Porsche front engine sports cars, a visually distinct final version of the 924/944 line that started in the mid-70’s. The car featured a naturally-aspirated 3.0 litre in-line 4 cylinder engine with double over-head camshafts driving 4-valves per cylinder and VarioCam variable valve timing on the intake valves. Exciting stuff in those days!


Story, photos and models by David Walker, UCR Director

Make it all in miniature!

The easiest way to build a Porsche collection is to have lots of money like Leno or Seinfeld. Of course then you will need buildings as well. Another way is to be proficient with tools, knowledge and a space to physically build or restore Porsches. Also, not for the average Porschephile among us. One could collect diecast models but you don’t actually do anything other than buy them and you must get what already exists.

What I do now is what a lot of us did when we were younger – I build my own scale models from kits. I started before I was ten and built until my late teens when other interesting things captured my attention. I returned fully to the hobby in the late eighties. This was a time when many other people rejoined the hobby.