What a Machine

AS SOMEONE WHO HAS OWNED a number of sports cars, I put my 2020 Porsche Spyder at the very top. How good is it? It is so good that it knocked off my Ferrari 360 gated manual from that perch. In today’s world of lower speed limits, higher fines and impounding of cars, the Boxster convertible makes more sense than ever.

I can cruise below the canopy of trees, with the sun shining through, the wind washing over me, the engine noise, smells, and can do that while still being legal. The car never becomes unhinged. It performs like the star that it is — it feels like an extension of the driver and it has to be one the sharpest scalpels in the automotive drawer. Yes, there are faster cars, but power is not the only thing that makes a sports car. Dynamic maneuverability is at the core. What is power without balance? The Spyder feels like the sharpest scalpel has just been sharpened. This car just lives for turns.

In a very competitive sports-car segment, the Spyder offers me everything I could want in a car in terms of being analog, a driver’s dream. Handling is sublime, this little car just wraps around you. And for what it offers, and it’s crazy to say about a six-figure car, this Porsche is under-priced.

Aesthetically, with the GT3 front end, side scoops, and beautiful racing humps at the rear, it looks muscular, not in a body-builder way, but more like an elite athlete. The Porsche Spyder, manual, mid-engine, naturally aspirated convertible is in a category of one in today’s new-car market. No other major manufacturer is producing such a delicious recipe.

The Spyder is a brilliant car. After going for a drive, just for the sake of going for a drive, I never fail to pull into the garage, turn off the ignition, pause for a second and say in a low voice, “What a machine!” I hope to own it until I can’t shift the gears anymore. Thank you, Porsche. — Grant Purdy

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