Winter track driving in Lapland

Porsche-IceForce-mar25-018By Laurel Ward, UCR Socials Co-chair (from Provinz  May 2014 page 24)

My winter track driving seat time was not south but north—north of the Arctic Circle, in fact. I was thrilled to be doing Ice-Force Master, an Advanced Winter Driving Experience, with Porsche Cars Canada and track buddies in Levi, Lapland (Finland) in March.

Howard Dexter of Dexter Autosports organized our group of nine from the GTA and Kitchener-Waterloo area and quarterbacked the trip. This was a committed group of track drivers, some with racing experience, Dexter Autosport drivers and dedicated UCR DE’ers. Our gang included: Brent Byers, Geoff Chandler, Howard Dexter, Barry Dickson, Doug Fregin, Abe Reinhartz, Brad Usherwood, Courtney Walsh and myself. We had so much fun at Camp 4S in Quebec last year that we put Finland in our calendars for winter track driving for 2014. And what a fantastic learning experience we had! ….. read more here

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