With Gratitude

IT IS ALWAYS A PLEASURE FOR ME to chat with fellow car freaks. When I get a schnitzel and spätzle dinner tossed in, so much the better.

The March social at Hansa Haus was also my first chance to personally thank UCR members for making me an honorary member. It was so nice to actually talk to people, and not just stare at a Zoom screen.

I loved the questions that club members had posed for me. Clearly, we had enough that we could have gone on for hours, but there’s only so much of me anyone can take.

I guess not many of you knew how far back my history with Porsche goes — “Her Name was Inge.” If I ever find that story as it appeared in a PCA region newsletter, I’ll forward it on.

As I mentioned, I have pretty much given up ever actually owning a Porsche. Publishers take the term “freelance” journalist far too literally; my concept of “expensive-lance” journalist just hasn’t caught on the way I had hoped.

But a big part of the fun of owning a Porsche has to be sharing that experience with like-minded people. Thanks to all of you, I still get to do that.

I can hardly wait for the next issue for Provinz, the next meeting, or maybe bringing my 1977 AMC Hornet out on one of your driving tours. </>

By Jim Kenzie | Photography by Eshel Zweig

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