RallyWhat is a Rally?  A rally is a competitive event that takes place on public roads, at posted speed limits.  All drivers are required to obey all traffic laws at all times. Cars are sent off in one minute intervals and are given a sheet of rally instructions. The route is to be completed in an amount of time closest to the target time, which was determined by obeying all traffic rules.  Throughout the rally, checkpoints are used to track each vehicle’s progress. The first checkpoint is used as a control to verify odometer accuracy. After the rally and lunch, prizes are awarded to the top 3 teams.

Rallies combine friendly competition, camaraderie and a few hours of driving on paved roads that wind in all directions and give each team an opportunity to explore Ontario’s picturesque roads and countryside.  Winners are not the fastest teams;  they are instead teams that follow the directions and arrive at the correct time. Any street legal vehicle is welcome.

Rallies require a driver and a navigator, and are suitable for all levels of experience – from the experienced to never been in a rally.  All you need are the four ‘C’s: a Co-driver (navigator), Calculator, Clipboard and a Crayon (a pencil or pen will do too!).  Plus, a cellphone or a stopwatch are also useful to help keep your team on time.

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