RallyWhat is a Rally? 

A rally is a competitive driving event that takes place on public roads, at posted speed limits. Drivers are required to obey all traffic laws at all times. PCA-UCR rallies are based on international timed speed-distance rally guidelines.

The day starts early in the morning, with registration, refreshments and a driver’s brief.  At the starting point, cars line up and leave at one minute intervals. Before driving off, the rally instructions are handed to the navigator. This route sheet provides you with directions, distance and average speed. The average speed is to be maintained to ensure you arrive at designated controls. The event runs for about 4-5 hours including a lunch. After the rally and lunch, prizes are awarded.

Throughout the rally, controls are used to track each vehicle’s progress. Instructions for the first 10km will have road names provided to allow calibration of the vehicle’s odometer. It also gives both navigator and driver a chance to get familiar with the directions. A contact phone number is provided should you find yourself off-track and an organizer will set you back on route.

Rallies combine friendly competition, camaraderie and a few hours of driving on both urban and rural paved roads. The routes take you through hilly and windy roads and provide an opportunity to explore Ontario’s picturesque roads and countryside. 

Rallies require a driver and a navigator, and are suitable for all levels of experience from beginner to seasoned. Often winners are first-timers!  All you need is a Porsche, a co-driver (navigator), calculator, watch or stopwatch, clipboard, and a pencil.

The Rally Master and team look forward to seeing you at our next event.


April 24 — Rally to PCA UCR Shift Into Spring Open House

June 26 — Rally to PCA UCR Annual Picnic

Aug. 28 — Rally to PCA UCR Concours d’Elegance