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Set sail with PCA Treffen, hold Porsches in your hand, meet Demi Chalkias, gain insight into car control, learn about 968 restoration and maintenance, modify your Porsche, and see who received a UCR scholarship.



The latest stories from the PCA UCR community.

PCA Treffen at Sea

It’s always nice to be on a cruise, and even better when it’s in the Caribbean. Just imagine being on a Caribbean Cruise with...

Revving Up with Demi Chalkias

We’ve all heard the saying “If not now, when?” – but how many of us can actually say we’ve held ourselves to it and...


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Oliver Collins’ 1995 911 Carrera

AFTER I MISSED THE CALL for 993 owners to write about their cars for the 25th anniversary article, Editor-In-Chief Dave asked me to do...

Love at Second Gear

Garth Stiebel’s 2000 911 Carrera I MUST ADMIT that the first sight of the car I’ve cherished for the last nine years didn’t ring any...

2001 Boxster S

THE BOXSTER IS WIDELY HERALDED as the little roadster that saved Porsche from extinction. I can also credit the Boxster, specifically a Biarritz White...

Initiative to Introduction

AS SOON AS WE WERE OLD ENOUGH TO DRIVE and get the okay to take the family car away overnight, Mosport race track was...

Pipe Dreams

CAR NUT. GEAR HEAD. AUTO ENTHUSIAST. No matter what you want to call it, that’s been me for as long as I can remember....

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