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UCR’s Vintage racers just might be having the most fun!

Story by Kye Wankum, UCR Member Photos by Eshel Zweig

The 2018 driving – and racing – season is upon us. Have you been feeling the itch? Does every ray of sunshine or whisp of warm breeze get you excited in anticipation of the new driving season? Then you have the bug just as bad as me. I’ve been around UCR for 30 years this year and have experienced Porsche ownership from many angles: as a driver, a PCA DE participant, a racer, and as a restorer and collector. It is the racing thing that I just don’t seem to be able let go of and that is maybe my greatest passion. I have to say that it was my UCR membership that opened things up to so many possibilities for me, from the DE Program leading to vintage and pro racing, to volunteering for many years in different areas like this newsletter and the UCR Concours, and making some great friends over the years, all like-minded, yet all very different in their own ways.

I imagine it is the UCR DE Programme that led so many other local Porsche racers down that same path as mine. I run into them all over, in the Regionals and GT Groups, at Semi- and Pro Races, and at Vintage Races from Mosport to Mt. Tremblant to Shannonville, Calabogie and beyond. UCR, in fact, has quite a racing heritage through its membership. Maybe it’s time for an article on that next…


Valentines Day With My Two Loves

Another UCR member takes in the CAMP4 experience 2018
By Ben Leung, UCR Member

By the time you read this article, hopefully spring has sprung. Winter in Canada is very long, espe­cially when we are unable to drive our favourite Porsche for 4-5 months.

Luckily Porsche Cars Canada offers an exciting winter driving experience called Camp4. It offers drivers a first-hand experience to learn how to drive their high performance sports car on snow, ice, and other slippery conditions, with training by professional rally drivers at Circuit Mécaglisse in the Laurentian region of Quebec.

Preparation for this ice track begins in December. Water is sprayed daily onto the track to form a thick layer of ice over the asphalt road course until the whole 6.4km track and 2 skid pads are completely iced. Camp4 is also available internationally in Finland, Italy, Switzerland and China, but Quebec is the only North America location.

The program is taught by a team of expert instructors with sport driving or racing backgrounds. 2018 was the 8th year with the first time being completely sold out. Of­fered in 3 different levels – Camp4, Camp4S and Ice-force, each level builds more rally inspired skill to drift a sports car around on an ice track.

My experience first begun when I first got a call from Matthew Tam at Porsche Center North Toronto (PCNT) in October about my interest to attend, offering February 14-15, 2018. My heart skipped a beat. It was a dream come true for me. I have looked at this program every year hop­ing one day I would attend. Every good husband knows you cannot leave your wife alone on Valentine’s Day. So, the first thing I did after I hung up was to ask my wife Pammy if she would come along with me? She knows how much I love my Porsche and how much I wanted to attend


Discover New Roads and Beautiful Scenery

2018 Driving Tours Update
By Stefan Walther, Driving Tours Co-Chair Photos courtesy of Porsche AG

What could possibly be better than introducing a wonderful twisty road to one of Zuffenhausen’s finest sports cars? How about introducing this same great road to a pack of purring pouncing Porsches, sharing with fellow enthusiasts the entire exhilarating experience!

Sure, just me alone attacking S-curves with my P-car is a blast, but doing so with several others enshrines my philosophy, “I’m heading out driving, who wants to come?”
This is where PCA UCR’s driving tours, formerly called fun runs, come in.

Another rewarding aspect of driving tours is discovering new roads as well as breathtaking scenery, much of it right here in our back yards across Ontario.Indeed, when I first set out to host driving tours I, myself even as a local resident, discovered awesome new-to-me roads just steps from my home in Niagara. I enlisted the help of a local motorcycle buddy, we mapped out some routes on Google Maps and then, the fun part, headed out to test them. I had no idea these incredible roads existed, winding around endless kilometres of rolling hills, grassy meadows and vast vineyards. Parts of Niagara so close to home yet I hadn’t discovered them in over 10 years of living here!


Assassin in a Well Tailored Suit

My Accumoto 911E

Words and Photos Submitted By Brian Davis, UCR Member at Large

I have been a Porsche fan from my childhood days growing up in Montreal in the 60’s and early 70’s.

As I was delivering newspapers in my old neighbourhood in the summer of 1970, I came across a Signal Yellow Porsche 911. Back then I didn’t know anything about Porsches, but I immediately knew it was something both different and special, by its appearance. I always looked forward to seeing it on my newspaper route. I also imagined that at some point I would drive one of those cars.

Before my 1973 911E entered my life in 2015, I had owned modern 911s and enjoyed them enormously. Nostalgia drew me back to one of the early 911s and my search began for a long hood. I eventually found what appeared to be a beautiful Metallic Blue on black vinyl example that spent its life in Texas.

My car made its way north from Florida in November 2015 and before winter snow had set in I had it on the road. While the car was a beautiful sight, the driving experience was somewhat less than I had hoped for. In short, it felt like a 40+ year old car: a bit sluggish, floating on the road, unsupportive seats, and hard to shift precisely. If this was a pristine vintage 911, nostalgia was losing to reality.