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Story, photos and models by David Walker, UCR Director

Make it all in miniature!

The easiest way to build a Porsche collection is to have lots of money like Leno or Seinfeld. Of course then you will need buildings as well. Another way is to be proficient with tools, knowledge and a space to physically build or restore Porsches. Also, not for the average Porschephile among us. One could collect diecast models but you don’t actually do anything other than buy them and you must get what already exists.

What I do now is what a lot of us did when we were younger – I build my own scale models from kits. I started before I was ten and built until my late teens when other interesting things captured my attention. I returned fully to the hobby in the late eighties. This was a time when many other people rejoined the hobby.


Parade photos and Video by the FlightSquad Media Team led by Ryan Tam.


UCR wins big! Three reviews on this year’s event in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

Just back from the 3600 km Parade return trip we would like to share some of our experiences and impressions.

Another blast Parade, my 32nd and Susan’s 27th. The Lake of the Ozarks resort hotel Tan Tar A was good, supported by the sufficient number of golf carts to help with the hilly terrain and distances. It was hot and humid. The Porsche family was represented by senior people from Zuffenhausen and Atlanta.

Sunday’s Welcome Party saw the introduction of the plug-in electric Taycan.

Monday Concourse on the golf course had a great show­ing of 70 years of models from early to current. I judged the Panamera, Cayenne and Macan classes and our Club Coupe, displayed in the historic section, placed third.

Tuesday TSD Rally and Thursday Autocross did not add to our trophy haul, how­ever, we collected UCR’s along with other UCR members present, for the absolute Member­ship growth on Friday.


Story and photos by Dan Proudfoot, UCR Member


First, though, consider my contention that anyone with an eye for older Porsches will feast on the details as will anyone with an interest in older cars in general, I’ve come to think.

Park anywhere at all: the supermarket, the movies, Chapters. A passerby will pause, look again, and amble over. “Nice car! What year is it?” The ensuing conversation will continue as long as the Porsche pilot cares to answer questions, share memories.

It’s pure delight. As well, it’s obligatory. For the rewards of ownership, the feel of the steering (especially pre-1985 before power assist), for the symphony of an air-cooled flat six, for the catapult propulsion you feel in your gut beyond 4,000 rpm, the richly-blessed driver of an older 911 really needs to share his or her car’s place within Porsche’s unique success in automotive history.


By Roger Stopford, UCR Tech Sessions Chair Photos by Elliot Alder, Provinz Photographer

944/ 968 Tech Session

On a lovely evening, the first day of summer, June 21st, PCA UCR Porsche 944 racer Jon Dunski gen­erously opened his home garage and workshop to fellow 944/968 owners for an evening of in-depth, all-things 944/968. Jon’s driveway is big, but it was overflowing with various types of 944 and 968, as well as 911s, Boxsters and Cayennes.

Guests enjoyed seeing Jon’s 944 Cup race car and learning about how the car has been modified and setup for perfor­mance and reliability improvements. This was a story of escalating performance and investment as the 944 became ever more optimized for track. A contrast was provided by Jason Dunski who used his cheap and cheerful 944 track car to show a low cost path to track fun, focusing on DE with a super-lightweight normally-aspirated 944. The Dunski brothers work together at track events as Team Ultraray Motorsports and have both become highly competent and fast track drivers using their 944 cars.