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Story and photos by Peter Blake, UCR Member

The Porsche Museum

No visit to Zuffenhausen is complete without visiting the Porsche Museum. Here, the history and DNA of the company is on display ( https:// www.porsche.com/museum/en/ ). You can also find the Mercedes Benz Museum and better understand the his­tory between Dr. Porsche and Mercedes Benz ( https:// www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/classic/ museum/ ). Either self-guided, audio or guided tours are available in a variety of languages. Advance online reser­vations are recommended, and Porsche Club members enjoy discounted access. An app “Porscheplatz” is available for orientation and is worthwhile.

The Museum itself is a striking piece of architecture situated centrally in Zuffen­hausen adjacent to the Porsche Factory complex. In addition to the car display, the Museum houses two res­taurants – Christophorus and Boxenstopp, a coffee shop, restoration shop for the Museum’s exhibits, souvenir shop and Porsche Drive. Separate architectural tours are also available for the museum.


By Peter Oakes UCR Director

Clive Van Vert, 1992 UCR President

Clive passed away peacefully on January 30, after a short battle with cancer.

He is missed by his wife, Eunice, son Jason, daughter Lindsay, daughter-in-law Cat, son-in-law Matthew, grand-daughters Audrey and Zoe, and newborn grandson Benjamin.

Clive was my best friend, a true friend. Clive and I met in 1965 at Sir George Williams University (now Concordia) in Montreal. We ended up growing up (i.e. maturing) and shar­ing accommodation in both Montreal and Toronto before his marriage to Eunice. My wife Beth and our family have always been close to the Van Werts.

Clive loved his family, his dogs (Bouvier des Flandres) and, of course, his PORSCHES! At the time of his passing he was the proud owner of a 1972 911 (fully restored) and a 1997 911 Turbo (mint condition). During the days he was active at the track he ran a 944S. He took great pride in driving his Porsches and his involvement at UCR.



Spring Into Action

By Max Nowak, PCA Junior & Matt Nowak, UCR Member

The Muskoka Driving Tour kicks off the season!


After a very long winter hibernation, my dad and I joined the PCA Upper Canada Region for the Spring into Action Muskoka Driving Tour on Sunday, May 6th. I wasn’t in the mood to ‘spring into action’ when my dad woke me up before 7 a.m. on that Sunday, but once we began heading north on highway 400, the anticipa­tion of the day ahead and the sound of the flat six engine ensured that I was fully awake.

The weather forecast for Sunday morning looked mixed and it had snowed just a week before, so we did not know how the day would play out. After encountering a few light showers in North Toronto, the sun and blue skies made their appearance as soon as we passed Wonderland. From then on, Highway 400 was empty and the rest of the drive to Muskoka was beautiful.



Story & Photos by Elliot Alder, UCR Member and Provinz Photographer

Porsche 964 Redefined – Celebrating 70 Years of the Porsche Sports Car

“I always thought the 911 was a stupid looking car,” was not the statement I had expected the conversation to open with.

“The proportions just never seemed right to me,” he continued. But like a 911 piloted with a hesitant foot, the man sitting across the table unexpectedly came around — indeed, in his pocket rested the keys to of one of the most significant ‘elfers’ on Canadian roads.

Meeting him for the first time, Faisal comes across as a quiet but enormously friendly man. A chemical engineer by vocation, he matches a sharp intellect with a subtle flair and an admirable modesty. A few grey hairs and a sensible station wagon lend an air of upright seriousness, but turn the key on a conversation about motoring and a warm smile revs into unconstrained enthusiasm for things that go. His former views on Porsches may border on blasphemous, but Faisal is an eager-footed petrolhead to the core.