Becoming A Member

Membership Benefits

When you join the club, you become a member of our parent organization, the Porsche Club of America (PCA), and are affiliated to its local chapter, Upper Canada Region (UCR) in Ontario, where there are nearly 4000 of us enjoying over 50 of our own events and activities a year.

There are many benefits to membership of the Porsche Club of America, some from our parent organization (click here to see them on the PCA web site), and these provided by us here in Upper Canada Region:

Monthly Socials           2nd Tuesday of every month. A great way to break the ice and meet
other members in an informal social setting. There’s always food served
and often an informative, entertaining guest speaker.

Fun Runs & Tours       Meet up with other club members for planned drives through Ontario’s
beautiful countryside with scheduled stops for coffee and lunch. So
simple – just register, show up and have fun. You may want to consider
our rallies and tours, too.

Driver Education         If you want to learn how to get the best from your Porsche while
improving your driving skills, sign up for our one-day Introductory Driving
School and then on to our Driver Education weekends at CTMP
(Mosport). You’ll be safe in the hands of our highly skilled instructors as
you develop your skills on this great track.

Autocross                     Another way to improve your driving skills is to spend a morning
developing control and balance as you weave through various
configurations of cones. Great fun and quite addictive.

Monthly Magazines   Lots of useful information, pictures and stories about UCR events,
People and cars in our monthly magazine, Provinz. You’ll also receive PCA’s
monthly “Panorama” magazine.

Web Sites                    Visit this, our Upper Canada Region web site, at for up
to date news, information and classified ads. See also our parent
organization’s web site, , where you can learn what’s going
on across N America.

Other events include Ski Day, several charitable activities, Tech Sessions and more. As we said, something for everyone.

As much as we enjoy the sight of a parking lot full of beautiful Porsches, and as much as our common interest is based on ownership of a Porsche, we stand by our motto, “It’s not just the cars – it’s the people”. So we invite you to open the door to new experiences and fun with the friendly individuals and couples of all age groups and backgrounds that comprise our membership.

Become a Member

To become a member, fill out the on-line registration form on the National PCA site or contact our Membership Co-Chairs, Laurel Ward at (416) 278-6886 or Mark Herring at (905) 854-3332 or email them at

Membership is available in 1 (US $46), 2 (US $90) or 3 (US $132) year terms. You may pay by cheque or credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Amex).

Family / Affiliate Membership

Joining PCA allows you to name a Family/Affiliate Member. Family/Affiliate Members get a membership card, which entitles them to particiapte in all events including Track (but they don’t get the magazines). A Family/Affiliate Member can be anyone you like, and they don’t have to own a Porsche.

Renew you Membership

Now you can renew your membership in the the same way. If you are moving you can change your mailing address on line.

If you have further questions regarding membership, please contact Angie or Mark.