Bad Driving Habits 2010

By Otto Mittelstaedt

Everyone else has published an opinion piece listing other driver’s bad habits, so why not me? I’ve never seen any of these on other peoples’ lists. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the driver of a Porsche committing any of these sins.

  1. Stuff hanging off rear-view mirrors. Peripheral vision killer. Supposedly illegal, but I know of people who have done this for years. When I have driven a car with this, every time the the bauble moves, I want to jump on the brakes.
  2. People who don’t advance, or advance little into the intersection on green, meaning only one car ( sometimes none! ) get through the intersection on yellow. The corollary is,  a half dozen cars go left on red , causing my advance green to run out. (eg., Bayview and Eg ).
  3. Left turn corner cutters. You know the ones, they strafe the apex to beat the oncoming traffic. Likely to become killers of motorcyclists, and pedestrians.
  4. You signal to change lanes, and they close the gap. Or they just remain oblivious.
  5. Right passers when you are signaling right ( see 6.)
  6. People who start signaling ( normally left ) only after the light changes. I leave a gap, but you have to look out for drivers from 5. above.
  7. Speeders on residential roads. I had a friend who did 80 on side streets and on the QEW.
  8. People who filter through residential areas during rush hour.
  9. People who know a lane change is coming, but need to butt in at the last possible moment because their time is more valuable than yours. I have actually done this myself, but not while driving a Porsche.
  10. People driving very aggressively in bad cars ( clapped out Chevettes, Accents, etc ).

So there you go. Why not use the comments feature of this web site’s articles to suggest your own?

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