A Game of 30 Questions

Beaver Valley Fun Run had the answers

By Paul Schurter, UCR Member


Did you know there is a postal code for the entire earth? Neither did I, until today. This and other mysteries are waiting to be discovered by you. All you have to do is sign up for a PCA UCR Fun Run! But let me start at the beginning.

8848129333_fa221fe3e9_oSixteen cars arrived on schedule in Shelburne on May 25th, for check-in, coffee, route directions, drivers instructions, and to receive one of Hazel de Burgh’s infamous quiz books. What’s a mere 30 questions? Well, her quizzes make a Rubik’s cube seem like child’s play. There would certainly be no navigators nodding off on this run–they had to be sharp to have any hope of answering the quiz questions.

Our first leg took us on a scenic (more windmills than you can count) and twisty hour in the countryside enroute to Creemore, where we had time for a quick stroll through their outdoor market and to meet some fellow PCA members.

8848757210_96724b543c_oOur next leg was a short run to our lunch stop in Singhampton. Lunch was at Haisai, a unique restaurant and bakery operated by highly acclaimed chef Michael Stadtlander. The meal truly stimulated our taste buds. This restaurant could also be called “101 Things To Do With An Empty Wine Bottle”. Just take a close look around the interior of this place and prepare to be amazed.

After lunch, we continued on our merry way, with vistas of Georgian Bay and a run along the appropriately named Pretty River Road. Then a 15 minute stop in Clarksburg, where we had a short break to stroll through some of the many galleries along the main street, and to try and discover the answers to some more of the fiendish quiz questions.

Although the sun was shining brightly all day, the thermometer struggled to break 10C. But that didn’t stop the hardiest PCA members from lowering their roofs to work on their sun tans.

Our final destination was Blue Mountain village, where we congregated at Copper Blues Bar & Grill to tally our quiz scores and enjoy some refreshments.

Photo by Martin Tekela
Photo by Martin Tekela

This day was another example of the PCA slogan, “It’s not just about the cars, it’s about the people.” Kudos to our organizers—Dwight Dyson and Hazel de Burgh, for a terrific route, entertaining quiz questions, and some very nice prizes. Chalk up another great day spent in our P-cars, thanks to them. And a warm welcome goes to newbies Dan and Jenn. Dan joined PCA only eight days before this Fun Run. Needless to say, it was his first, but certainly won’t be his last.

Oh, and what is the earth’s postal code, you ask? Well, it’s ZZ9 PZ Alpha. Honest. Just ask Tomiko the next time you see her in her red Boxster.


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