ANCASTER FUN RUN: A 924/944/968 Classic Porsche Run

By Neil Dowdell, UCR Director, Photos by Graham Jardin Provinz Contributing Photographer (from August 2017 Provinz page 30)

To call it an “eventful” fun run would be a bit understated. The Run, in effect, started at the new Pfaff Classic dealership in Vaughan, where we started with nine cars before heading over to Porsche Oakville to pick up more 924/944/968 participants.

Leaving Pfaff, the skies were filled with clouds and sun, but as we travelled along the 401 approaching 427, the skies opened up with rain. One unfortunate 944 pilot had his removable sunroof off and had to travel several kilometres before he found a bridge to park under so that he could reinstall it. Name withheld to protect the innocent (Dragnet joke).

Somewhere along the QEW, the rain left us and the sun came out. All joined up with the second 944 group and off we went, to the back roads of Dundas and Ancaster. As we proceeded through the back streets of Dundas and up Sydenham Hill, we lost our tail-end Charlies—just as the skies opened up, again. Telephone rang, pulled over, gave directions, then soon spotted friendly flashing headlights. Off we went again, through the back roads and into Ancaster, with lightning striking all around us and the rain pounding down.

We made our way down steaming roads to our final destination, Kelsey’s, in Ancaster. We settled down to food, libation, and good stories. Cesar Rodrigues said thank goodness he had just installed new wiper blades. Roger Stopford commented on the resilience of our P-cars, and Ted Lampman spoke of Mother Nature versus our cars!

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