Provinz: May Social – UCR Gives Back

In today’s day and age, our vehicles are no longer just made of steel and rubber but have become a specta­cle of modern technology. As our Porsches, especially older models, appreciate in value, it is important that the skills needed to keep these unique and prized vehicles roadworthy be transferred from our older masters to the next generation of automotive experts.

Since 2014, PCA UCR has donated over $33,000 to high achieving students who are enrolled in local college automo­tive programs. The scholarships are to encourage young apprentices to stay in the repair industry, not only providing monetary support but also recognizing the hard work the recipients have put into their career development.

This year, PCA UCR was pleased to donate three, $1,000 scholarships to students attending Centennial College in Toronto and Fanshawe College in London.

Rick and Mary Metcalfe present a Porsche Club Scholarship
Award to Kyle Jones of Fanshawe College

Rick and Mary Metcalfe, 32-year UCR members, were de­lighted to present the PCA UCR Scholarship Award to Kyle Jones at the Fanshawe College Student Awards Ceremony on March 8th. Kyle has just completed his 3rd and final year of Fanshawe’s Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship program in which he achieved the top mark. Kyle has worked at Accountable Automotive in Stratford throughout his apprenticeship and is pleased to continue his automotive career with the company.

On March 28th, I was pleased to present Anthony Carosi and Hunter Phillips of Centennial College each with a PCA UCR Scholarship Award at the Centennial College 2019 Student Awards Night. Anthony has just finished his first semester of the College’s Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship program and is apprenticing for Hockley Autosport, owned and operated by UCR member, Ian Mcquillan. The other scholarship recipient, Hunter, completed his final semester of the Automotive Service Technician program in March and went on to write his Automotive Service Technician exam. Hunter is proud to continue his career working at Braidan Motorsport, owned and operated by long-time Club supporter, Brad Shimbashi. Hunter and Anthony both noted their appreciation for their opportunity to work with and serve our Club members as both Hockley Autosport and Braidan Tire are approved UCR Tech Centers.

Porsche Club of America Scholarship Award recipients Hunter Phillips (Left) and
Anthony Carosi (Right) of Centennial College with PCA UCR Director Jackie Metcalfe.

A general high level of enthusiasm for the Porsche brand was reflected by all three of this year’s recipients, which is exactly what the scholarship plan is designed to achieve. There is no doubt in my mind that the continued decision to support our next genera­tion of Porsche devotees has been a wise one.

Congratulations Kyle, Anthony and Hunter!

(Provinz: May 2019)

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