2019 June Picnic Rally

A super way to get to a picnic!

RALLY DAYS ARE ALWAYS EXCITING FOR ME, but when it is sunny and the temperature is perfect, I have noticed energy levels hit highs. On June 8th, it was the balmiest of days and optimum for the UCR-PCA annual picnic and rally. Out of the 18 entrants, 13 showed up at Coffee Culture, in Mississauga. Each rally’s colour pallet varies, sometimes subdued colours and other times it’s like opening a smarties box. This year the rally participants brought their red ones out! There were many new faces and young budding ‘ralliers’ with their parents. After a lively briefing, drivers lined up their Porsches and left the starting line one minute apart. Unbelievably, in that one minute before I hand out the rally sheets, there’s room for conversation, questions and car revs. 

When planning this rally, the Mrs. and I spent many days driving to ensure that the best roads with wonderful sights were included. She likes scenic sights, while I like to get the cars swiftly out into the countryside, taking the most interesting city roads. Ensuring there’s sufficient mixture of hills, curves and straight road driving adds technical variety for the driver. Incorporating all these criteria can be tricky and many times we debate on what the participants will enjoy the most. 

The first five finishers were only one point apart from each other as they drove into Boyd Conservation Park, the last checkpoint, to enjoy the Annual Picnic.

Rally participants went through three checkpoints, answered two questions about their surroundings and were able to see the Caledon Hills badlands, many scenic views along the Credit River watershed area and late spring greenery in the Forks of the Credit. While enjoying these aspects, they followed the rally route instructions, with no-one getting lost and everyone finishing in very good time. In fact, the first five finishers were only one point apart from each other as they drove into Boyd Conservation Park, the last checkpoint, to enjoy the Annual Picnic.  

Car No. 1, driven by Steve Souphanthong and navigated by Sengdeaune Phanthavong was the first to leave. This being their first rally, they lost most points on the first leg. The rest of their performance was almost perfect, and they finished first with only 9 points lost. 

In second place, with 10 points lost, was Car No. 9 driven by Joy Singh and navigated by Laura Zwier. Car No. 3, with Minesh and Mahwash Dattani, came in 3rd losing 11 points. Fourth and fifth place finishers were Roy and Benjamin Singh, and Alex, Jordan and Oceanna So, respectively.  

Car No. 4 of Jonathan and Bernie lost 17 points finishing 6th and breaking the ‘one point behind’ trend!

Everyone had a good time and trophies were awarded to the first three finishers.  

Thank you to fellow PCA members Kathleen Wong and Mario Marrello for handling registrations and support.  Special thanks to all our cheery checkpoint volunteers, Val, Andy, Karen, Roula, Sadia, Imrana, and Gulzar. We couldn’t have done it without you. </>

Story and photos by Sajjad Butt, UCR Rally Master

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