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MY PORSCHE PURCHASE STORY starts with my passion for sports, at my squash club that I built in 1979. It was a dedicated squash club with lots of bare walls in the gallery area and restaurant. So, to decorate these bare walls I mounted photos of my passion for various sports to liven up the spaces. The sports that I played included soccer, boxing, running and, of course, rally driving. I had displayed several photos of myself in the East African Safari and motor racing.

One day a member, who was a bank manager, came to me after viewing these photos, exclaiming “Hey, you motor raced and drove car rallies! I have a car for you!” The bank had repossessed a 1985 Porsche 944 and he offered it to me for a good price. He informed me that if it were to go to the dealer the price would go higher. It was a gorgeous car in great shape and I couldn’t say no.

So in 1989 I was now the possessor of my first Porsche! I was thrilled. I loved the control, power and style. Driving it always takes me back to my rally days in Kenya. I have been able to take my 944 for some very long rides. My wife and I have taken trips to Atlanta, New York and Montreal. It has such a roomy trunk that my daughter even used it to truck around all her gardening supplies for many years.

Through this 944, I have found myself in the good company of fellow Porsche owners. I had no connection with the Porsche Club until another member at the squash club suggested I join the Porsche Club Of America and enjoy the many activities offered. So in 2005 he took me to a club social dinner and I promptly became a member.

I began organizing PCA UCR rally events shortly after joining. My children have also learned to rally and are involved in the rally organization. My daughter Sadia is my technical assistant and, along with my wife, helps me check out the routes. My other children, Imrana, Sajid and Sabir, along with my grandkids in tow, help with checkpoints and rally-day details.

Looking back, I can say that the 944 has been a good catalyst for bringing some added adventure to my life. </>

Story and Photos by Sajjad Butt

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