Living Legend

I WAS FORTUNATE ENOUGH to meet Mr. Ludwig Heimrath Senior at Mosport when we were both racing at the Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs’ Celebration of Motorsport on Oct. 3 and 4.

Heimrath is a true racing legend and a Canadian champion with a career of dominance that spans five decades. He is a person who does not let his age hold him back at all. With him being at the race track at the age of 86 justifies the statement and proves that age is just a number. He was very humble and straight forward, and it was such a pleasure to speak to him.

We spoke of many different things and we had a healthy conversation about racing too. Frankly speaking, I was more eager to get every bit of information about how he masters his racing skills. He openly answered my every single question and elaborated on what he meant. I could not get over how approachable and pleasant he was.

Heimrath’s racing advice to me was, “To be fully committed before you enter the corner.”

“Easier said than done,” was what I was too ashamed to say.

He is, without a doubt, one of most talented drivers I have seen throughout my life. His thoughts and ideas about racing are very unique and I strongly believe that we should pass this knowledge on to our next generation to keep up with the excellence of the racing industry.

Sharing these values and qualities with such an experienced racer is something that you cannot find in text books or online. These stories must be heard directly from him and anyone who is interested in racing will definitely enjoy these conversations.

The few minutes of talking with this living legend is a memory that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

My wish is that all racers follow Ludwig Heimrath’s footsteps and that we all race until we are 99 years old. </>

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