Boxster Racer

THE 2001 BOXSTER was my first Porsche track car when I started actively participating in the UCR DE program. The mid-engined car with a 50-50 weight distribution made it much easier to handle on the race track. The low-horsepower car also made it less intimidating when I was approaching blind corners, such as turn two at Mosport, which is a blind, downhill, high-speed, double-apex, off-camber corner.

I bought a 1989 944 Turbo S when I got into PCA Club Racing in 2008. So, my dad George Wong has been driving the 2001 Boxster at DEs since then. The accompanying photo is of my cool dad in action with the Boxster at the front straight of Mosport.

During 2020, I drove the Boxster again at Mosport during our DE weekends. The Boxster is still a blast to drive, and it is exhilarating if I can catch up with a higher-horsepower car driving down turn two at Mosport. —Kathleen Wong

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