Nothing Short of Marvellous

So I was scanning Boxsters among the Panorama classifieds, highlighting those that sound good all over the United States, when suddenly a 416 caught my eye: it was Mike Bryan, past president of UCR, offering his 2008 Boxster S Design Edition 2 he bought new. When I arrived for a look, it still looked like new. And Yarko Matkiwsky at Response Engineering documents that it is as good as new. I picked up the car from Mike on Dec. 15, 2018.

I’m not new to Porsches. I owned a 356 for 30 years, a 914 for two, a 911 SC for another 12. The 987 stands out among all these worthy Porsches, not only because of it having a functional defroster, but because its driver’s seat tells all. There’s a level of communication that’s nothing short of marvellous.

This Porsche just keeps growing on me, whether cleaning and polishing for the 2019 UCR concours, joining fellow SIG Boxster members in Peter Bleakney’s tour last summer, or lapping at CTMP Sept. 25 and realizing I’ve got to return for more in 2021. Will get proper numbers the car deserves. Will be faster. Can hardly wait. — Dan Proudfoot

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