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ON THE FROSTY EARLY MORNING of Feb. 13, the thermometer registering a chilly -17 degrees, 25 club members braved the cold and made their way to Porsche Centre Markham for the Fine Art of Sports Car Detailing, a special car clinic hosted exclusively for UCR members. While the in-person gathering was restricted due to the pandemic, with vaccination proof mandatory, an additional around 200 club members joined in on Zoom from the warmth and comfort of their homes.

Many thanks to Laurance Yap of Porsche Centre Markham for opening the dealership on a Sunday morning for the dedicated Porsche club members seeking knowledge on keeping their trusty steeds in immaculate condition. Master Lead Detailer Troy Stephenson demonstrated several areas covering wheel rims, paint and interior. On hand from UCR executive were President Stefan Walther, Director Jackie Metcalfe on registration, Director of Communications Christopher Hebert on video, and on the far end of Zoom, Vice-President Kathrin Menge as virtual coordinator. Eshel Zweig, Provinz’s newly appointed chief photographer, was on hand photographing the event.

Beginning with wheel rims and the dreaded brake dust, Troy sprayed on a cleaning solution and allowed it to set for five minutes before hosing it off. For tough dirt you can use various brushes or a car-wash glove to get in amongst the wheel spokes. The same applies to your brake rotors but use a long-handle brush to reach in there. Troy pointed out that the brake rotors will get some surface rust on them as the water dries off but will disappear as the brakes are reapplied.

Next came the exterior paint of our beautiful chariots. Not everyone has that absolutely perfect, just-out-of-the-showroom look to their Porsche. Heaven forbids, some members may even have paint chips or dullness in the paint. Troy indicated that if you are hands-on and it’s only light fading you can do it yourself, but for deep fading leave it to experts either at your Porsche dealership or a good detailing shop. Porsche supplies a variety of paint cleaners and waxes for you to utilize. On Troy’s bench was an electric polisher used in removing faded areas, polishing and waxing. For the average enthusiast without such a machine there are cloth and foam applicators you can use. The foam applicators are available at several stores and when using them only apply a small amount of cleaner or wax to each corner of the foam and then dab it around the area you’re going to clean. Don’t overdo it. One area often overlooked is door jambs and hood-trunk areas so open them up and clean these areas too. Porsche also offers a spray for convertible tops. It acts as a sealer but be careful not to get it on your paintwork. As you spray, cover any exposed paint with a cloth.

Now to your interior. Of course, being a fastidious Porsche owner, you have already vacuumed every interior area you can or can’t see but what about the leather and the dash?

Now to your interior. Of course, being a fastidious Porsche owner, you have already vacuumed every interior area you can or can’t see but what about the leather and the dash? For the instruments, there are a variety of brushes available in different sizes for getting any dust clinging to the instruments. A good damp lint cloth can also be used to pick up any dust and such on the dash, console or seats. Porsche and others offer both leather cleaners and conditioners. Again, rather than using a cloth, use the foam applicators to spread more evenly the cleaner or conditioner. Note that your seats may feel slippery for a couple of days as the leather conditioner works its magic. Preserve and protect your baby. Don’t forget your interior and exterior glass either. There are a multitude of cleaners available along with anti-fog and rain-dispersion liquids for you to use.

Now that your Porsche is clean, don’t just leave it as a “garage queen” — get out and show your beauty off. </>

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