2004 Cayenne Turbo

WHAT CAN YOU SAY about a 5,000-pound SUV that can out-lap certain sports cars at the Nürburgring, then tow your boat and your family to the lake for a swim, go rock-hopping after dinner, and finally cruise in silence down the Autobahn to your next stop, at 200 KPH with Mozart or the “Ride of the Valkyries” playing in perfection, well isolated from all the road noise and bumps, with the comfy air suspension set to, well, whatever setting you like. Say “hello” to the Cayenne Turbo. A spicy pepper of a vehicle that is like a Swiss Army knife. Our particular example is a 2004, the first model year.

We ended up with the Cayenne Turbo because we already had a 951 and acquired a 20-foot Bowrider that needed to be transported from pond to pond. The 951 is great, but is the wrong tool for that job. After looking at different options, the Cayenne spoke to us with its great visibility, ample power (tows up to 8,000 pounds), superb sound system, that snug Porsche seating, and a soft suede headliner that you can rub for comfort when distressed. At first, I found the front a little odd with 911 headlights on a “truck” but it grew on me over time and now I really like it.

There are so many reasons our 2004 Cayenne Turbo is the perfect vehicle for any occasion. It’s luxurious but it’s sporty, it’s comfortable but it’s powerful. Over the decade that we’ve owned it, it’s been part of many special moments — from attending a springtime family wedding, towing our boat to summertime adventures, joining its companions at the Porsche Concours in Niagara and winter Icewine Festival, to peeping at the autumn colours in Muskoka and trudging through the snow drifts in the countryside. What a wonderful SUV for all seasons. </>

Story and Photography by Stefan Uriadka

If you’re interested in the Porsche Cayenne, join the Special Interest Group. Contact Stefan Uriadka at sigcayenne@pcaucr.org

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