An interview with Vaughn Warrington of Grimsby



By Stewart McKinney, Porsche-Phile Editor  (from Provinz March 2014, page 29)


Type of Porsche(s): A 1999 ‘road rashed’ Boxster and a recently departed (sold, not crashed) 1988 Anniversary Addition Diamond Blue 911 Targa. The 911 sold very quickly to a fellow in New Jersey, and if I had had seven more I could have also sold them – the phone rang off the hook with serious buyers. I’m currently on the hunt for something older, probably a SWB (short wheel-base) 911 or a 356.

What made you buy a Porsche?

It started when I was 12 years old. A friend of the family arrived at the house for an event with a 911. He took me for a ride and I was sold! My fondness is for the lines of the car and the sound of the air cooled engine.

Any funny story or adventure?

Well it’s a very positive story. Three years ago we went to the Concours d’Elegance event in Oakville. When we were leaving I noticed that I had a flat tire on my ’88 911. I went to use the jack and it was jammed, and the air pump was dead. I went back to the event and found another person with an 80’s 911 and asked them for assistance, he was able to offer a jack and another person immediately offered up an air pump. It really displayed the camaraderie and spirit of the Porsche club members who were eager to assist us so readily. Even though my jack and the pump did not work, the 24-year-old spare held up very well for the drive home to Niagara.

Things you like to do in the club or are looking forward to participating in?

Jennifer, my wife, and I really enjoyed participating in the fun runs and were looking for a way to promote the Grimsby – Vineland area of Niagara. A few years ago we created the Bear Manor Fun Run. It has been a great success over the years and we are so excited that people want to come to participate every year.

You have a neat story about your Boxster, please tell us about it:

Yes the ‘road rashed’ Boxster is Jennifer’s car. She loves the car and has accumulated over 225,000km during the years and drives it year round. It’s one of the best winter cars we have ever driven and we plan to drive it until it dies. A few years ago we bought a hard top for it and I had some Michael Goddard artwork painted on the sides of the hardtop for Jennifer. It is a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun in that he uses olives and martinis in his artwork and one of the paintings is of ‘female’ olives peeling off their tops, titled “Olives Gone Wild”.



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