A Star turn – 2014 mid-season autocross update

_DSC2369_editWRBy Mario Marrello, UCR Autocross Director (from Provinz 2014 page 24)

Photos by Wolfgang “Sonny” Lott, UCR Member

July 6th marked the second event of this year’s UCR autocross season and by all accounts, it’s been a very successful season. Both the June 1 and July 6 events were oversold before closing registration. I’m hoping the same goes for the upcoming August 24 and October 5 events at the Toronto Star._DSC1697_editWR

We’ve been at the Star now for many years and I’m grateful to the management team there for their generosity. I would also like to thank Geoff Sheffrin for his help in laying out the courses and helping to run the event itself. It’s always great to hear from participants that the event is a lot of fun and a great way to spend a Sunday. This kind of feedback is the key to this event’s success.

_DSC1948_editWRThis year we introduced ClubRegistration.Net to our registration process. This site is used throughout PCA and provides our members with access to many different PCA events around the country. PayPal is the payment system used which provides a secure and convenient way to pay. As the events have been selling out early, it’s a good idea to make note of the event dates and schedule your registration times accordingly (within 60 days of the event date). Visit the Autocross registration page for details on how to register and sign up._DSC1660_editWR

If the Autocross continues on this success path, we will look at offering more events in different parts of the region. If you know of a large parking lot, empty air strip or any large patch of asphalt begging to be driven, please feel free to contact me so I can arrange a site visit._DSC2145_editWR


Hope to see you on Aug 24!

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