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Doxa Detailing shows us how it’s done

I BUY MY PORSCHES in Toronto at Downtown Porsche. A benefit of doing business with this dealership is the excellent team of sales professionals, superb service advisors, courteous parts guys and competent technicians who take care of my car. Zero complaints, total satisfaction! A big shout-out in particular to Khalil Khan, Services Manager, at Downtown Porsche who always gives 110%! A hidden benefit offered by Downtown Porsche is membership to the PCA. I enjoy reading both Pano and Provinz to keep abreast of what goes on with the PCA and UCR, often lamenting to myself that I am not as active as I should be if only I had the time to be.

Time is my premium commodity and keeping my Porsche tidy is my biggest challenge. I’m currently on my second P-Car, a lovely Agate Grey Metallic 911 Carrera 4S, and being meticulous about how clean and perfect the car must look, I was having trouble finding the time to do it all myself. Then one day, while walking our dog, I saw this white van parked on my street, a banner flying next to it and a guy detailing a neighbour’s Porsche. He was nearly done with the detailing and the car looked like it was an unsold brand new car in the showroom. That’s how I came to know the best thing that could have happened for the enjoyment of my Porsche – I met Joshua Brown of DOXA Detailing. 

The Greek word doxa is found in scripture and translated as glory and Joshua explained that he chose this word for his business because he is a man of faith and he does his detailing with this ultimate goal in mind: to glorify the One who gave him the skills and abilities to serve his clients.

We set-up an appointment for Joshua to detail my car in order to assess whether his craftsmanship and meticulousness measured up to the high bar of my expectations. He was punctual and he followed a methodical process that was impressive to say the least. His van was fully equipped with everything necessary to do the job. He didn’t ask me for anything, not even a hose connection or to plug into a receptacle for power.

Joshua’s van holds a 250-gallon water tank (that is sufficient for up to eight or nine cars) with a de-ionizer for water conditioning. He runs a generator for the electricity required for the various tools he uses including a very special pro-grade German pressure washer.

Joshua begins by cleaning the interior, vacuuming then using a non-scented pH neutral cleaner applied to colour coded microfibre towels. He used various tools and solutions which are specifically engineered for all the different interior surfaces- the leather, the fabric, the plastic, the carbon fibre and the glass. 

The exterior begins with spraying another pH neutral wheel cleaner on the first rim and some AP cleaner on the tire and wheel well, agitating the rim with two or three different gentle yet effective soft-bristle brushes to remove all contaminants from the entire area including the barrel of the wheel, then pressure washing it all off. Each wheel is done individually from spray to wash before moving on to the next.

Once the wheels are clean, a special high foam liquid soap is pressure sprayed to blanket the entire car and it looks very similar to the foamy suds sprayed in touch-less automatic car wash systems (though I’m told that the high grade shampoo he uses is much kinder to my cars surface than the stuff those machines spray), then Joshua goes over the entire exterior of the car with the softest merino wool wash-mitt that he rinses any debris from after completing each panel. All of the suds are pressure rinsed off and a special liquid with emollients is sprayed over the entire wet car that helps to preserve the shine, and make for a safe, swirl-free drying process. Microfibre towels dry off the car then every square inch of the paint was polished and coated with a ceramic coating.

My car looked immaculate! I have contracted DOXA DETAILING to maintain my cars all year round on a weekly basis. Joshua has proven trustworthy, so I often leave the keys for one or two of my cars at home while I’m at work and Joshua comes to the house and cares for them in my absence. I come home to a spotless car that is ready to be driven and enjoyed just as a Porsche should be.

I highly recommend Joshua’s DOXA DETAILING service to any PCA UCR Member. The result is truly doxa, truly glorious! </>

Story & Photos by Philip Lieberman, UCR Member

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