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Story By Roger Stopford, Special Interest Groups Chair

PCA UCR’s special interest groups allow enthusiastic owners of particular Porsche models to create a model-specific community of interest — to connect, network, share information, foster maintenance and restoration, and just enjoy these great cars. 

The PCA UCR SIG function is modelled on the PCA National register that many may be familiar with, listed at the back of Panorama magazine as well as on the national website. 

During 2019 eight SIGs were established for PCA UCR, led by enthusiastic owners of these particular Porsche models. Five are well underway, listed below, along with contacts and E-mail addresses. 

944/968 SIG — Led by Roger Stopford, sig944968@, this SIG also embraces 924 and turbos, basically a SIG for four-cylinder transaxle models. 

914 SIG

914 SIG — Led by John Tipper,, this SIG is busy celebrating the 914 racing heritage and commemorating 914 50th anniversaries — both in production and on the race track. An article about the 914 50th anniversary parade-lap celebration at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in August 2019 can be found in the Provinz archives via the main club website. 

928 SIG

928 SIG — Led by Adam Henderson,, these are high-performance V8 GTs and this network of owners in the region can provide mutual support as well as enjoy driving the cars. Pics of the 928 Spring Fling Driving Tour can be found online, look for more events coming soon. 

Boxster SIG

Boxster SIG — Led by Dan Proudfoot, sigboxster@, it is surprising to think the Boxster has been with us for over 20 years, constantly evolving. It is already both a current production model and a recognized classic
at the same time. In January 2018, Dan Proudfoot was inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall Of Fame for his journalism work, the first motorsport reporter for The Globe And Mail in the early 1970s and moving on to cover racing for the Toronto Sun in the 1980s through to 2001. 

Cayenne SIG

Cayenne SIG — Led by Stefan Uriadka, sigcayenne@, SUVs are a big part of the Porsche world these days and this SIG provides a meeting place for owners, including diesels! 

In addition, the following three SIGs were recently launched, here are some introductions. 

356 SIG

356 SIG — Just getting started, led by Mike Martin,, this model is such a well-known Porsche classic, it will be interesting to see how many UCR owners come forward and join to celebrate this special model. Mike Martin introduces, “Welcome to the newly formed PCA UCR 356 special interest group. Over the past year or so I have heard a number of 356 owners and others interested
in our early Porsches express an interest in participating in
a more focussed effort to get our rather disjointed group in the GTA talking to one another. Vintage car club members share common interests including restoration, repairs and driving events. The idea of a SIG is to provide those of us with an interest in a specific Porsche model a focal point to share our experiences. I’ll start by reaching out to people I know who have a special interest in 356s but I will need help from anyone reading this message to help spread the word. I own a 1958 356 A. I did a full nut-and-bolt rotisserie restoration on the car a few years ago. I have also owned and restored several other vintage Porsches. I like to drive my cars, with a focus on paved-road rallies. In 2019 I trained as a UCR concours judge and participated in that year’s big concours event in Burlington. Some of my thoughts include: regular cars and coffee or pub event, tech sessions and shop tours at local restoration and repair shops, online forum to share ideas and answer questions, identify appropriate driving events, and participate in other vintage car events in Ontario or beyond. Let’s see if we can have some fun with this. If you wish to join, send me an E-mail.” 

911 SIG

911 SIG — Led by Mark Solomon, sig911-74to89@pcaucr. org, this represents a big world of enthusiasts for each of the various 911 models across such a long history starting in the mid-‘60s and continuing through to today. Mark Solomon is a keen enthusiast for ’74 to ’89 911s and leads a SIG for that slice of the 911 world. Mark Solomon’s introduction: “A place to share all things 911 for the G-body impact-bumper cars. I’ve been playing with these cars for quite some time and enjoy the fact that you can take a part from a ‘74 and drop it into an ‘89 or the other way around. At 12 years old I had to pass the garage of Horst Kroll (RIP 2017) on my
way to the convenience store for my sugar fix. He always made sure to come outside and yell at me for peeking into the cars. The love affair never ended and those spectacular lines and the round headlights always had me. Graduating from VW to Porsche was a guarantee and at the age of 42 I finally purchased my first 911. I’ve gone through three
so far and have done everything possible in three cars — from full engine and transmission overhauls, stand-alone electronic fuel-injection systems, and a complete hot-rod back-date on an SC with RS tribute accents, to my present ‘77 Frankenstein with ‘88 powertrain, ‘92 Interior, ‘95 turbo body work, ‘97 convertible roof and coil-over suspension.
It looks all Porsche! I know prices have gone through the roof for these cars making it almost impossible now for the 911 enthusiast to afford, which is such a shame but we will persevere, just with less in our wallets. PCA UCR members, let’s pool our resources and build, restore and maintain our cars together. This SIG can hopefully provide some guidance for all.” 

Cayman SIG

Cayman SIG — Led by Matt Woodcroft, sigcayman@, the Cayman is such a versatile sports car, used
as a long-distance tourer with space for bags front, middle and back, and at the other end of the spectrum used as a super-effective track car that has a very balanced mid-engine advantage, a favourite at club DE events. Matt Woodcroft writes, “I have been a car person from birth and, being an ‘80s child, the iconic 1979 928 from a certain movie of
the era fueled my Porsche passion. Time seemed to fly by working and raising a family but that Porsche passion never died. I turned 50 in 2018 and felt it was time to realize the dream. After a ton of research I decided the Cayman S was the car I needed. I was fortunate to find a well-cared-for, fully documented, low-kilometre Cayman S (987). It was my daily driver from spring to fall last year and is truly a very versatile and amazing car to drive. A near perfect balance
of handling, usable power and comfort. I look forward to interacting and connecting with fellow Cayman owners to further our shared passion for an amazing machine.” 

More information and photos on each special interest group can be found online on the club website. If you are interested in leading a SIG, please send an E-mail to me, Roger Stopford, the SIG chair, at 

(Provinz: Mar 2020)

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