Jakub Hudler’s 1996 911 Carrera 4S

I FOUND MY 1996 993 C4S nearly two years ago in Detroit, Michigan. I spent over a year looking for the right candidate while searching Canadian and US markets. My gratefulness goes to my friend, Porsche enthusiast and specialist Dennis Rak for his help during the search, purchase and maintenance.

We are a family of four with two younger children and our 993 became an instant hit and weekend family car for trips around Ontario. Why did I purchase 993 C4S? For a few well-known reasons: the last classic with an air-cooled engine, turbo design without the turbo, last hand-built, the engine-sound serenade, interior designed by engineers, the best-looking Porsche (in my opinion), my dream car growing up — but mostly it fits my family and allows us to spend quality family time together.

By the way, I can’t describe the feeling when you get the RPMs going over 4,000! </>

By Jakub Hudler.

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